Dawat e Fikr


Yu  to  sayyed  bhi  ho   mirza   bhi  ho  afghan  bhi  ho Tum  sabhi kuch ho  batao to “Sahi”  musalman bhi ho

Today most of the people who recite the ‘Kalma’  to be devout Muslims, so much, that, to prove that their false notions are true, they are ready to kill others. There are uncountable, Back‐biting devils who destroy pure beliefs, in Muslim garbs. Even with our wide‐open eyes, we would find it difficult to ascertain whether or not such fraudsters are genuine. This is similar to a situation where in, by just looking at some water kept in a vessel, you can’t make out whether  the water is sweet or salty. The nature of the water can be understood only by drinking it. A lot of satanical people hide behind the word, “Muslim.” 

  Hazrat Banda nawaz gesudaraz R.A, a great saint said that, Mu se kahe shakar to zubaa ko nahi mazah Jis ne  chakha  zubaan  par  lizzat  wahi  liya

Just as you can enjoy the taste of water only by drinking it, you can find the true worth of a ‘Momin’ only  by knowing how much he has studied the ‘Kalma.’ The Quran refuses to accept the false beliefs of the charlatan. The Quran Certifies that the charlatans have sick souls.

(Surah Baqra Aayat ‐ 8,9,10)

Translation: The people there are some Who say: “We believe in God and the last day,” But they do not (really) believe.

Islam wonders about whom we should as a muslim, a ‘Momin,’ or a hypocrite. Islam solves this query in two ways. One way is to recite the ‘ kalma’ another way is to understand the ‘Kalma’ with your heart and soul. 

It is considered that to pray through physical actions is the form of an incomplete prayer. Praying through physical gestures merely boosts your beliefs. But, to pray in a complete way, you must pray with your heart and soul. A person who fulfills both these requirements of the ‘Kalma tayyeb’ is considered, without any doubt, as a ‘Momin’ and pious Muslim, although there is a very big difference between a ‘Momin’and a Muslim. In the ‘Surah Ahzab ayat 35’ of the Quran, it is mentioned that there is a lot of difference between the Muslim men and women, and the ‘Momin’ men  and women. Your beliefs are greater than Islam, itself.

The Hazrat says that ‘The purpose of my movement is to invite people to the path of nurturing the Soul (‘Dawat‐e‐Fikr’). I invite you to understand the path of selfcare and that  mere Islamic knowledge is insufficient, we should not think that your knowledge and your dreams about heaven or heanvenly beauties are enough”.

I make my Spiritual invitation (‘Dawat‐e‐Fikr’) to those who are trapped in their religiously‐sick souls. I also invite those who follow the aggressive ‘Molvies,’ under the false notion that when the world will end they will be forgiven to reach heaven.

I mean to say that the ‘Kalma tayyeb’ is offered to you for reading to understand it, and understanding to read it. Those who understand the ‘Kalma’ while reading it even once will be forgiven at the time of judgment day and will go to heaven.

Translation: Hazrat Abu bakar siddique R.Z.A says that he had asked the Prophet, Mohammed S.A, how one can get forgiven at the time of judgement day. The Prophet, Mohammed S.A, replied that he who accepts and follows the ‘Kalma’ brought by him and given to his uncle will be forgiven at the time of world’s end. (This statement has been certified as true by Imam ahmed .)

Zuba se  kah   bhi  diya La Ilaha to  kya hasil Dil‐o‐nigah musalma nahi to kuch bhi nahi   By [Allama Iqbal]


Tranlation: He who has recited the ‘Kalma Tayyeb’ even a thousand times without investigating into it is a ‘Kafir’.

Hazrat Peer Aadil Bijapuri R.A, a great saint, had said that, when you investigate into the ‘Kalma Tayyeb’ thoroughly, you become a ‘Kalma go’ (A true reader of the Kalma) for example, when an accident occurs somewhere the police investigates into the incident, finds out the maximum number of details about it, and gives evidences of it at a police‐station.

There are two main points Subtract and add to investigate the Kalma. Which contain Two ‘Kufr’ Four ‘Shirk’ and Four stages of ‘Tauheed’ are hidden.

The Prophet Mohammed S.A.W, told Hazrat Umer farooque R.Z.A that ‘Momins are not those who gather at mosques, and chant “La Ilaha Illallah.” The Prophet said ,’dear Umer’

Those who blindly or mechanically recite the ‘Kalma’ without understanding it are ignorant and cluless. They don’t know the purpose of the ‘Kalma’. Such people do chant “La Ilaaha Illallah,”; but they don’t know who is present, or who is absent. To recite the Kalma With such doubts is a ‘Shirk’(An extremely—big sin , in which you treat a person as allah). A person who makes this visible and very, very‐bad sin he is ‘Kaafir’,even though he recites the Kalma. An ignorant person like this, who recites the Kalma, doest not know whom to substract,or whom to add.

(Az Ganjul Asrar Khwaja Nawaz R.A)

Therefore, to understand the Kalma Tayyeb you need a mentor. So that a mentor can, with his knowledge and practice removes the doubts or suspicions of those who demand of Allah that they achieve Him: A Mentor would boost the internal strengths of his followers, and turn them into the Kalma. Be carefull: against the ‘Tauheed’, there is ‘Shirk’; all sins shall be forgiven, except for the ‘Shirks’.
(Surah Nisa ‐ Aayat  ‐ 116)

Translation: God forgiveth not (the sin of) joining other gods with Him; but He forgiveth whom HE pleaseth other sins Then this; one who joins other gods with God, Hath strayed far, far way (from the Right).

Anjam‐e‐safar socha hi  nahi manzil pe chiragha kya
hoga Tahqeeq nahi tasdeeq nahi phir kaamil‐e‐eimaa kya  hoga
By (Hazrat Peer Aadil R.A)

Hazrat Baahu R.A, said,”Dear Allah‐seeker, I will show you the praises of the Kalma Tayyeb.” “The depth of the Kalma Tayyeb is death. The height of the Kalma Tayyeb is a vision of Allah.” From this, it is apparent that those recite the Kalma robotically do not understand it.” They recite the Kalma with their tongues, but its meaning doesn’t go down their gullets. Those who understand the Kalma recognized Allah. Their spirits become alive, and the materialism in their souls dies. Those who love Allah can understand the importance of the Kalama, and get dissolved in Allah.

Hum zamane ko Haqeeqat ki ziya dete hain Qalb‐e‐Kaafir  
ko Musalman bana dete hain By (Hazrat Peer Adil R.A)

A mentor is large‐hearted, and can tell you the facts of the heart. When you associate yourself completely with your mentor, you get the divine blessing of being able to understand everything through your heart. Know that the meaning of your heart is to change completely. Therefore, your heart hangs upside‐down on the left part of your chest.

The Prophet, Mohammed S.A.W, says that everything has two parts. One part is visible; the other part is invisible. Accordingly, the heart also has two parts. The heart is the most important of your body. Its work is to pump blood through out your body. The first part of your body to move your heart, The last part to shutdown is also the heart.

The Prophet, Mohammed S.A.W, says that just as everything has two parts, so also every word of the Quran has two parts, of which one part is visible, and the other isn’t. Similarly consists of two parts. One part of your is the muscular part that seeks material benefits. Other part which cannot be seen, is much‐more valuable. We are the best of all of Allah’s creation because of the invisible sections of our hearts. You are alive due to your visible heart; your spiritual heart, which is not visible, keeps your faith alive.

The invislble heart is of three types. The first type is that of a ‘Momin’. The heart of Momin displays Allah’s qualities. Prophet, Mohammed S.A.W, says that Allah blesses the heart of Momin 360 times a day. Through His blessings, Allah puts “La Ilaaha Illallahu Mohammadur‐rasul‐lullahe “ into Momin’s hearts.; Such Momin’s hearts ever‐alive.

Baghair zikr‐e‐khuda dil nahi zinda rahta
Dil‐e‐murdar ko har ja pe paresha dekha
By (Hazrat Peer Adil R.A)


 Translation:‐ Prophet, Mohamed S.A.W, says that ‘Momin’s’ hearts exist between Allah’s two fingers, of which one finger represents anger (‘Jalaal’) and the other one contains peace(‘Jamaal’). The Kalma is of two parts, the “La Ilaaha Illallaa,” which is characterised by anger, and “Mohammadur‐rasull‐ allah,” which stands for peace.The hearts of Momin’s rest between Allah’s two fingers that represent peace and anger, so such hearts, positioned between peace and anger, have fewer negative thoughts, and far more positive thoughts.    (Muslim sharif)                       

The second type of invisible of heart is that of a Muslim. A Muslim’s heart doesn’t have a completely pure belief.

(Surah Hujrat – Aayat  ‐14)

The Desert Arab Say, “We believe” say, “ Ye Have no faith; ye (only) say, ‘We have submitted our wills to God’. For not yet has Faith entered your hearts.

The heart of Muslim doesn’t understand the Kalma, and is a place of ignorance. Gradually such a heart becomes filled with hypocrisy. As a result of this, this kind of heart starts to have more negative thoughts, and fewer positive ones.

 If the above kind of heart is treated by a mentor, it will become alive and healthy. If not treated, the heart will ail so much, that one day, it will have absolutely no positive thoughts.    Sometimes, this spiritual malady becomes so severe, that the owner of this heart starts believing that the bad is good, the good is bad. He makes bad people his friends and hates the good peoples.

A Muslim can also acquire pure beliefs easily, because he has already accepted the Islam and recited the Kalma. Tp purify his soul, and to recite the Kalma whole‐heartedly he should rush a mentor.

Hech mard khud ba khud sheikhe nashud
Hech aahan khud  ba khud teghe  nashud
By (Maulana Roomi R.A)

Translation: A piece of iron cannot, buy itself become a sword. Similarly a person can’t achieve sainthood by himself.

The third type of invisible heart is that of a ‘Kaafir’. Kaafirs hearts are of two types. One type does good deeds, but does not obtain the wealth Islam or a pure belief. The Quran invites such a Kaafir to the act of acquiring as pure Islamic belief.

The second type of Kaafir doesn’t have a wealth of Islam or a pure belief, and is fully‐sunk in malevolent acts. This kind of spiritual disease is a terminal stage that has  no cure. Such a heart is dead, completely. Allah has applied His locked to such a soul.
(Surah Baqra – Aayat ‐  6,7)

As to those who reject faith, It is the same to them Whether thou Warn them or do not Warn them;” They will not believe God hath set a seal”

Ye niyamat‐e‐kalma  paaye  wahi  tahreer‐e‐azal  me  tha jis ke Kahlaaye
wahi mehboob‐e‐khuda ye khas hai niyamat aam nahi By ( Hazrat Peer Adil R.A)

Translation: The heart is Allah’s gift to you and intended to help you to remain on the right path, so that you can recognize Allah. Your heart is a waterfall of love and attraction. It is the home and vessel of your pure belief.

If the lock of ‘Kufr’ falls on the home of your pure beliefs, and if this vessel becomes so full of ‘Kufr’ that it has no space for a pure belief, than how can you expect a holy belief from such a heart?

Remember that those hearts that do not bear the stamp of prophetism (‘Nabuwwat’).Allah has applied His locked such a soul.

“La Ilaaha Illallah Mohammadu‐rasul‐lulah”.

Jin ke  qalb  pe  Mohr‐e‐nabuwwat sabt  hai  MAROOF
Ye  wo  sikke   hain  jo  har   daur  me darkar  hote hain

 Infact, a heart that can be trusted is that of Momin. It has been called by Allah as His own home . ‘Qalb‐e‐saleem,Qalb‐e‐Shaheed , Qalb‐e‐Muneeb’, These are the characteristics of Momins  heart.If Momin face any query, so he can take solution from his own heart. Allah says that , La yasani arz

Translation: His home is neither the sky nor the earth, but is Momins heart.(This statement has been certified   By Imaam Ghazali in “Ahyaa‐ul‐uloom”, By Mohaddis Welmi in “Masnad‐ul‐Firdous said by Anas bin malik R.A ,by Hafiz Sayoti in “Aldar‐ru‐lmuntasahra”, and it is also written in “Maktubat‐e‐Imaam rabbani volume 3 and pg 287”.)

 Zahe Qismat  ke  apni  dhadkano  ki  hum  zubaa samjhe Haqeeqat me
wo Momin hain jo Kalme ka bayaa samjhe By (Hazrat Peer Aadil R.A)

The qualities and conditions of a Momins heart has been shown  to you, so that you can recognize your own heart. If your heart is not like a Momin, then you should rush the to a mentor, because your time is very short, but your work‐load is very high.

Remember that only the seed that is sown on a proper ground, in a healthy condition, and at the right time bears fruits. Such a seed, after sowing needs proper air, sufficient water, and the absence of any natural calamity. The plants that grow on walls and roofs in the monsoon don’t bear fruits, because they have no solid foundation.

Similarly, the Kalma Tayyeb bear fruit only when it is sown in the land of your heart. To bear fruit, the Kalma needs the water of Allah’s love, and the air of His blessing. The seeds of the Kalma needs to be protected from those who oppose the ‘Nabis’, and saints. Children of Israil’s beliefs were on their tongue only, due to it, they got negative result, and it brought them far away from Allah.

If the Kalma Tayyeb is sown and grown properly in the heart, then it can bring closer even those who are not close to Allah. The Kalma Tayyeb nullifies your sins, and earns you Allah’s reward.(Surah Ibrahim ‐ Aayat ‐ 24 25) 

Seest thou not how God sets forth a parable?—A goodly word like a goodly tree, whose root is firmly fixed; and its braches (reach) to the heavens,‐‐ 
It brings forth its fruit At all times, by the leave.

The roots of the Kalma Tayyeb are in the hearts of Momins, and its branches are in the skies. The tree of the Kalma bears fruit for you during your life, and even after your death. The entire earth rests in the shadow of the tree of the Kalma, all of Allah’s creations get his blessing from tree of the Kalma.

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