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Bismillah Hir Rehmannir Rahim

Assalamu Aleikum Rahematullahe -wa-Barkatahu

A continuous process of love and affection is called Sufism and the person who can love everyone is known as Sufi. People ask, who is sufi? I say sufi is present on the earth since the love. Sufi is not the name of the person who wears robe and long cap. Sufi can be in coat - pant also. Sufi does not mean to change others but to change himself.

The message of sufi is love and humanity and to spread this lots of sufi is present in the whole world and in the same sequence we have one link in Bijapur, who is known as "Peer Aadil Bijapuri". His Shrine (Mazare aqdas) is present in bijapur and his one of the very close and lovable caliph (Khalifa) is "Hazrat Shaikh Mohammad Abdul Rauf Shah Quadri Al-Chisti Iftekhari Fehmi Peer". He made people understand the difference between oneself and God.

It is true that if a man can not love himself then he cannot love others and a man can love him-self then only if he knows and identifies himself properly..

"Qissa-e- La Mehdood ha Mukhtasar fasana hai
La Maqaa napne ka aadmi paimana hai"

A person who knows and identifies himself can only know and identify the God because every created object gives address of creator. One who knows God can love creatures of God because

"Pehla Sabaq hai yeh Kitabe Huda Ka
Tamam insan Kunmba hai khuda ha"

The first lesson of sufi is may have seen flowers whenever we go to any Sufi's Shrine (Mazare aqdas) and we also offer flowers as a best gift. Why? Because the flowers are the symbol of love. Fragrance of flower never asks that who is going to be fragrant. The religion of sufl is religion of flowers.

Hazrat Peer Fehmi is one of the flower of the garden of the love, who is bloomed but never faded. World is going to be fragrant by him after him also. If there is love in a person then that person is alive otherwise dead. To make alive thousand and thousand dead heart people, he spread his branches and every branch got lots of flowers. That time will come when the world will become garden of love and affection and there will peace in the world.