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Who am I?

Who am I? Perhaps the answer to this question is easier than any question asked by men; it should be added quickly that it is a more difficult question to answer this is both easier and more difficult. It is easier because, if there is no answer to “Who are we?” If it is difficult to answer this, it is equally-difficult to answer other questions. If I can’t answer my question about who I am, then whom else can I know? I can get familiar with a person from the outside, but I can’t know him. I can recognize a person superficially, because I am always outside other people. I cannot enter others. No matter, how much I roam around others, I will continue to move outside them. I can get familiar with other people.

But I can’t know or understand them. If my-self-knowledge is impossible or difficult, then what is easy to know? If it is difficult to know yourself, then nothing can be easy, except for illiteracy. If it is difficult to know yourself, you cannot imagine or dream about knowing anything in this world. Hence, I say that to know yourself is very easy. I also say that you don't need to go, travel, or reach anywhere to know yourself. I am there, to know myself, there is no need to dig, or make anything. I am made already.

This is why, it is easy to learn about yourself, but I must also say that to know yourself quickly is the most difficult thing. Why is it so? It is so, because we ourselves are; hence, the waves of our learning move everywhere. The waves never come onto us. Your eyes see others but can’t see themselves. I can catch others with my hands, but they can’t catch themselves. You can grab everything with a tong but can’t grab it. But it is a strange fact that a tong can grab everything, except itself. A tong is helpless about catching itself.

Your eyes see everyone, but not themselves. If you try to make your eyes see themselves, you will certainly fail. Yes! You can see your eyes in a mirror. But, in the mirror, you don't see your eyes; you see their reflections. Your eyes, and their reflections, are different things. Your eyes can see everyone. To see is a very easy thing. What can be easier for your eyes than to see? But the hardest thing for your eyes to do is to see themselves. Remember, you see only that which you don't have. You forget what you have. You forget it completely. We have belonged to ourselves since the beginning. It has never happened that we are not with ourselves; or that we forgot ourselves, since no one knows when.

The rich forget about their money. Only poor people remember money, because they don't have it. A healthy man forgets about his health. Only a sick man remembers good health, because he needs it. A healthy person never comes to know about his health. If someone knows about his health, then you should know that he is unhealthy. only an ill person isconscious of his health; a healthy man is not. You forget what you have; you run after what you don't have. This is why we remember what we want, as long as we don't get it. It becomes worthless for you, when it is obtained. A man searches for riches and gets them. He would think that after getting money he would get everything. But, upon getting wealth, he would get nothing. He would forget even his riches. You forget what you have. You have nothing greater than yourself. Nothing can be closer to you than yourself,

not even your love, your house, or your money. It has never happened that you have separated from yourself, even for a moment. Therefore, it is very difficult to know, or to remember, yourself. And it difficult, because two (2) are required, to know; there are one who knows, and one who is understood. To know at least two are required.

As I can know you, there is a distance between you and me. We are two. You can know the Sun, and the Moon, because there is a distance between them. And there are two; this is because the knower and the known are different. But, in knowing yourself, there is the problem that you are both the knower and the known. This means that you are one; this is why it is the most difficult. How is this so?

As you are a lover and a loved one, then, you can understand the problem. If you are left alone in a room and told that you are both a lover and a beloved; and you must give and receive love. You have been left alone in the room. Either you will become crazy, or you will shriek that you want to beout of the game of love. Just as you get angry at loving yourself, so also is the question, “Who am I?” A man who sets out in search of this question, falls into troubles. There are not two; there is only one and that is the only one. He is just alone; he has to know and be known. He has to become a witness and be witnessed. It is the most difficult thing to be a witness and be witnessed. This means that, at the same moment, I should be the subject and the object. How can I stand at two places, in one moment? If I become a knower, then nothing remains to be known. If I become that which is to be known, then no one remains to know.

So I said that this is the most-difficult question; and there is no question easier than this. A question that is both easy and difficult “About this question, it can be asked “can this be called easy or difficult? These two matters co-exist. And you will say that this doesn’t happen; how can these two opposite things co-exist. I tell you that those who don't know will say the same thing, and those who know will tell you in shock that, in this world, all opposite things occurred together. We have broken all the opposite things for our own convenience. The opposite things are not broken anywhere.

We say that the days and the nights are different. Where are they different? In which place are they different? What is the fixed line at which the days and the nights differ? The days become the nights, and the nights become the days. We differentiate between light and darkness. Who has said that? An unwise man might have said it. Between light and darkness, there is the difference of merely a degree. You say that birthand death are different, but this is not true. Your birth becomes your death. Your death becomes your birth. Your birth and your death are not different, but the progress of one thing. Tell me, when does death come? Your birth becomes your death progressively. And those who know say that your death becomes your birth gradually. Birth and death are not two separate things; the illiterates have made them two entities.

Take the example of one more small thing “you believe that the hot and the cold are different. You are very-wrong. Do this-put one of your hands on some ice. Place your other hand near a fire, to warm it. Then, put your hands together in a pot full of water. Then, you will be surprised that your one hand will find the water warm, and your other hand will find it cold. The water is the same; it is present in the same vessel. Then, you will come to know that heat and coldness are the same thing; there is the difference of just a degree between them. In your life, wherever you see an opposition, it is not present there. In life, there is no opposition. If there is an opposition, your life will get very-complicated; this is why you break your life into pieces.

You differentiate between heat and coldness. We say that the good and the bad men differ. But this is not true. There is no difference between them. The worst people are connected to the best People. Like heat and coldness, the above people are two degrees of one thing. There are no limits, or distances, between them. There is only one thing spread between them. Two things are not there. There is neither a good spirit, nor a bad one. They are twofaces of one thing. But we have broken everything and formed an artificial world. Due to this illusory world, an understanding is difficult. Therefore, I tell you that, whenever the real question of life arises, opposite things will be present together. Whereas, in reality, there is no opposite thing. But our understanding is very-limited, because of which we understand everything in pieces; this is why problems occur. As there is a large building with a small hole in it; and if you peep into that hole, you can’t see the entire building. First, you can see a small piece; then you can see a chair; then your eyes will move further. You will see a flower-pot. When your eyes will move ahead, you will see a picture. Then you will see something else. You broke the house into four pieces and saw them. Due to this, your power of seeing became very limited. This room is only one entity; there are no four pieces. A man who walks into the room will say that the house is one thing; but you saw this in four pieces, because you are peeping from outside, and the power of your seeing is very limited.

Therefore, you see everything in bits and pieces.

Your scales of measurement are very small; your life is larger. If you take such a large life together, then you will be in a big trouble. If you understand badness and goodness together, then you will be in a big fix, because you consider the good and the bad as different. Then you are comfortable with them.

The self-made rules state that A can never become B, and B can never be A. A bigger lie than this was never told, in this world. A matter more-effective than this has never been told. The effect of this type of baseless talk prevails over the world, heavily. The truth is that A is both A and B. This itself is life, that which you call as an autumn is another face of spring. That which you call as an old age is another picture of childhood. That which you call as ugliness is another side of beauty. That which you consider as sadness is another side of happiness. That which you call as a respect is another way of disrespect. Here, everything is linked. There are no separate pieces.

If this thing comes in your mind, then you will get an idea that a question that is very simple, why can it be more difficult? You should understand this with the help of a short story, one day, a saint was walking past the minaret of a mosque. On a minaret a ‘Mauzzin’ was reciting ‘Azaan’. Suddenly, he fell down on the saint’s shoulder. The saint’s neck broke. He was admitted to a hospital. Some believers of that saint went to meet him in the hospital. One of them asked the saint, because they knew that it was the saint’s habit to learn something from every incident, “We are in trouble; what did you learn from the fact that a man fell on you and your neck broke?” The saint said, “I got a fair result; so far, I had heard that the neck of a man who falls down will break. I have come to know that a person who falls, and a person whose neck breaks can be two different persons. If both are different, then how it is that someone falls, and somebody else’s neck breaks? Now I understood that everything is one. That is why my neck broke, whereas that man fell down.

It is a little difficult to see the fallen andthe fallen-down-on as one. It is difficult to see a flower that has bloomed, and a flower that has withered as one. The flower that is withering there is blooming here. If you throw a stone into a pond, then a wave will arise; and there will be a hole near it. Have you ever wondered that the hole has become the wave? You go to see high mountains; have you ever wondered that the ravine below has become the mountain? They are not different things. If you destroy all the depths, then all the mountains will vanish. When a ravine is destroyed, so is the mountain.

All the opposite sides of life are connected. Why am I emphasizing on this? I am emphasizing on this, because it should be in your mind, matter that appears to be opposite “who am I?” This is both the easiest and most-difficult question. As soon as you understand that this is the easiest and most-difficult question, it will not remain easy, or difficult. A thing is easy as long as it is not-difficult. A thing is difficult, so long as it is not easy. How can both these things co-exist? A man can be alive, or dead. If we say that he is both dead and alive, then it means that he is such that his life or his death is meaningless, as if someone is in a coma. If he can be both dead and alive, then it means that life and death are external accidents. Such a man is totally different from inside. Both these facts can exist together. They can co-exist because the truth is a third thing.

If some water is cold, then it can’t be hot at the same time. If it is hot, it can’t be cold simultaneously. But water is hot, and cold, at the same time. This means that the water is neither hot nor cold.Hot water, and cold water, are surface-level accidents. The fact about water is that it is not hot, or cold.

The real question of life is “Who am I?” It is neither easy, nor difficult, because it is both. What does this mean? This means that you should not treat “Who am I?” as a question, otherwise, you will lose your way. It is not a question. Questions are those that can be answered by others. Who am I? It is not a question, because no one can answer it. A funny thing is that this question cannot be answered even by you, yourself. You will get your answer, when you will not be here. You can’t get the answer from yourself, or from someone else. You will get the answer when the question ceases to exist. Then what should you do (if it is both easy, and difficult)? We are different from these two things; then what should we do? This means you should not make it a question. If you make it a question, then the answers are written in the books. You will find them when you ask, “Who am I?” When you will open books, in which it will be written that you are so-and-so. “You are a spirit”-this will be written somewhere, and you will read it. it is written somewhere that a man is not a spirit or soul; he is just some material. You read somewhere and memorize that eat, drink, enjoy, and there is nothing. If you make it a question, then you will learn its answer from somewhere.

I want to tell you that it is not a question that can be answered by anyone. This is a unique question; you can never find its answer from anywhere. Nobody has got the answer from anywhere. When someone got an answer, he got lost,and he didn’t find a right path. I want to take this matter in such a way that it should be clear. It becomes to this is not a question to be asked. This is an internal search. It can’t be answered. When you will search for an answer, the question will be lost gradually. There is a basic difference between these two things.


A Story:       

One day a man went to a saint. He was young. He had spent many years of his life to get the answer to Who am I? He asked the saint, “Who am I? “The saint said,” Had you asked this question to someone before me?” He replied, “I had asked this question to many saints and scholars.” Then, the saint asked him, “Did you get the answer?” The young man replied, “Yes, everybody answered me, but I didn’t get the answer. I was not satisfied with their answers.” The saint said, “why did you come to me to ask? I will answer you, but you won’t understand my answer.”You should not think wrongly that those who answered you gave you wrong answers. But this question is such that nobody else can answer it. Even if the right answer is given, it will become spoiled in the hands of others. For instance, a flower bloomes from a plant; as long as it is on the plant; it is alive. As soon as you pluck it to take it home, the flower dies. The being alive of the flower depends on the plant. Similarly, those answers, which were alive on the saints; when you listened to them and returned home, they died. Then, that saint said, “You cannot get this answer from anyone.”

Then, the young man began asking, “Do you also not know the answer?” The saint replied. “Every saint knew the answers and I also know that, but only your knowledge helps you.” The young man asked, “ What should I do now?” The saint replied, “Don’t ask this question; stay here for a year; and become silent. Don’t try to ask this question, because asking is also a type of problem. After a year you when ask me; at that time surely I will answer your question.” The young man said “Okay I’m ready to undergo this test. I will remain silent for one year. Then, after a year, you will answer my question.” The saint replied, “ This is my promise.”

After the passage of a year, the saint made the young man stand among his followers, and said, “Now ask your question.” The young man started to laugh. He said, “Please forgive me. I made the mistake of asking you the question, a year ago. I don't know how you must have felt about my asking. As a man suffers from typhoid, and asks, “Is my cot flying towards the east, or the west? Where is my cot going?” His family says, when you will get well, we will explain to you. If a man answers this patient’s question about where his cot is flying, that man is surely mad. The wise members of his family will tell him, “Keep quiet.” First let us call a doctor, to treat you.” The patient says, “It’s not a question of treatment. I ask, is my cot going to the east, or the west?” His family will tell him, wait till it becomes daylight. Get a little better; then ask us; we will answer you.”

The young man said, “You might have thought that I have a fever of typhoid. You said

correctly that no one can answer this question. I had not turned my eyes towards myself, so it became a question. If I turn my eyes towards myself, then question will disappear. That question is false. I had not seen myself, due to this; it became a question.

As a man asks in a house, “Where is the darkness?” You give him a lantern, and tell him to take this lantern, and search for darkness in the house. He should take the lantern to search for darkness, bu he doesn’t find it; he comes back, and answers, “It is very tough; I went with the lantern, but I could not find darkness anywhere. In reality, there was the darkness, because there was no light. If you take a light, no darkness will remain.

You have not paid enough attention to yourself. The question is only that we are, we have been here from the beginning; we know who we are. It is impossible that we do not know who we are. We know exactly who we are. But we stopped focusing on it. Remember, you come to know only that on which the center of your thoughts is present. This means that the direction in which your thoughts halt. The question, “Who am I?,” has arisen, because your senses, your thoughts, and your consciousness are present in different places. Your thoughts are in your shop, in your money, in your market, and in your family. Your thoughts are everywhere, except in the place that you are at. Your thoughts have got dispersed, because of their spread. Then, slowly, your thoughts got fixed there. Now they don't turn back. If you try to return them, then nothing happens. You wonder, “Where should I go?, Where should I see?,

What should I do?, and Who am I?”

This is not a physical question; this is why I said that it’s not a question. This is not a question of “How much is two plus two?” this is not a question of where Mumbai is. This is not a question of what the distance is between the Earth, and the Moon. This is not a question of how many atoms there are in hydrogen. This is not a question that you can enquire with, to get an answer.” The truth is that you became ignorant, so this question arose. This question is totally false; a false question is very-dangerous, because, if you get an answer to it, then, you will fall into big trouble. That which is not a question will always have a false answer. This is why all the answers given to “Who am I?” are wrong. Without knowing, I say that every answer to this question will be wrong, because this question itself is wrong. This question is there, because your thoughts are not in their place.

You ask, “What should I do?” There is only one way, so don't ask; you should gather all your straying thoughts to where you are. You are somewhere and sitting somewhere else. If I ask, “Where are you?” Then you will say that I am sitting in a particular place. You told me about a particular place from the big place that I am here. You should forget that place; then there is a small place that is the five feet of your body and which should be forgotten. Then, there is one place where you should search for yourself, i.e., “Where am I?” Then select yourself, as to where you are.

If someone tells you to cut your foot, will you get cut? Perhaps, you will say that, if yourfoot is cut, you will not be cut. This means that your legs can be separated; but you will be and remain. In this way, you should search within yourself for the things that can be separated; I will remain. At this time, you will search for a point of unity within yourself, i.e., that I’m here, and that you should keep searching in this way. You should keep searching for and peeling things, in the same way as you cut onion- skins one by one. You say that this also an upper peel. If you throw the peels one by one, then you will go deeper inside.

You should leave everything that you can. If you lose your eyes, then will you be lost? You will say, “I will become blind, but I will remain alive.” This means that somebody was peeping from your eyes, who was not an eye. The eyes are closed; the window is closed. It becomes difficult to look; but the looker within is present. As I sit inside a house and look at you from a window, if you close the window, then will I be finished? The window was closed. Now I can’t see you, because a wall came in the way. But I tell you that I am still present inside. You should consider that, if all your organs and senses get destroyed, you will remain alive. Then you will find that, after losing all your organs and senses, there is not even the slightest difference in your being. This means that, if your whole body is lost, then too you are not; you are still there.

In this way, to meditate means to focus all your thoughts on yourself. Your thoughts born in ignorance keep returning slowly. Then, you will reach a position and center-point at which, where all thedarkness disappears instantly. In reality, the darkness was not present; it emerged because of your absence. Upon standing at the above position, you come to know what you are. You will have much fun, when you come to know who you are. You laugh a lot on that day; You come to know that only you are everywhere; nothing but you. And whatever you can see, and that which is in all the four directions, is the spread of your center-point (Nukt-e-Whadat) that is related to you. A single sea mixes in many waves. If a wave asks, “Who am I?,” then it should come down into itself, and reach a sea. Then it will laugh, “I am not a wave.”

Therefore, I want to tell you that, when you will set out to ask “Who am I?,” then whatever you have understood, i.e., I am so-and-so, I can surely say that you will not find yourself as you have understood, because you are not those things. On the day you’ll know who you are, you will not be able to say, “I am this”. On such a day, you will say, “Where am I not?” On this day, there will not be the question, “Where am I?” There will be the question, “Where am I not?” You will not ask, “where should I find myself?” You will question, “If I want to escape from myself, then, where should I? I’m present everywhere.”

The Cause of Sadness

Your desires for happiness is the cause of your sorrows. Your desire to be happy gives birth to miseries. Only a man who is sad wishes to be happy. The thorns of your griefs are embedded in your joys. As soon as you want happiness, the thorns of miseries prick, only when you become free of the desires to be happy, you can be joyous. At that moment you become happier. Mankind has invented sorrows; happiness is a blessing given by Allah. Strange indeed is mankind! Man wants happiness, but does things that bring him miseries.

The roots of mankind are fixed firmly in the soil of sadness. For instance, when a child falls ill, his parents love, care for, and surround him: Every one expresses his love of him. But, when, the same child was healthy, he would play, dance, jump, and play mischief. At such times his parents used to get upset; people would get angry with him. They would beat and frighten him. At such moments the child starts thinking, when I am in trouble, everybody loves me.

If I want to be the center of everyone’s attention, I must be in troubles. The child uses these tactics on himself, and on others, throughout his life.

You build your own home; others will be jealous of you. Unfortunately, if your home burns, then people rush to help you. They offer their sympathies to you. You look at religion in similar ways. If you come to know that there is a saint, or a man that fasts for a whole year, your faith in him increases. This means that he remains hungry for a year. He makes his body yearn for food and water. He troubles his body. He makes his body sad; you accept him as a great saint. You are proud of such a sad man; your heart gets filled with happiness for him. Your eyes are satisfied, when you see him. We make processions for such people. We garland them. But we don't garland, or make procession for people who eat and drink well and who use Allah’s bounties. Their bodies and sprits are happy. Their hearts are satisfied. They sleep happily.

Today, why are women so sad? It is in their natures to be happy. When they are sad, and /or sick, they get their husbands’s love and sympathies. I haveanalyzed many such women whose souls have been invaded by stray charlatans (fraudulent soothsayers). When I lifted the veil of such farces, I found the same sadness that the women believe in, when they display such farces, their families take extra care of them. Such women think that, earlier, they were afraid of their families, and that, now, their families arescared of them. The women think that, in such a state, they can make their families do anything.

When the above women used to look after their households with their souls and bodies, their husbands would treat them more as servants, and less as wives. Their husbands believed that they got free servants in the form of their wives.

Psychologists believe that, when the pressures on women’s minds become intolerable, the women suffer from severely-adverse effects. One such side-effect is that a woman starts searching for another person within herself. Such a woman becomes the victim of a hysteria. In this entire world, the maximum amount of atrocities is inflicted on women.

According to Hinduism, when a woman would lose her husband, she would be burned alive. I assert that, if men are to suffer even half of the mental stresses that are inflected on women, the men would become mad.

A person who is sad doesn’t want others to be happy. Mankind sows the seeds of sorrow, but wants the fruits of happiness. “Gather thistles & expect pickles” (If you sow the seeds of a ‘Babul’ tree, how can expect mangoes from it). You should stop watering the roots of sadness, so that the trees of melancholia fall by themselves. To know the cause of a sorrow is the only way to eradicate it. The day you find out why you are unhappy, your sorrows will go away. A doctor can treat an illness only when he knows the ailments.


The Secret of Meditation

Meditation is not about freezing your thoughts, or to sit in thoughts, or to remove any thought. Meditation is the state in which no thought- wave occurs in you. Mediation means the state in which your body and your heart become still.

Something and Nothing

Every action pushes you towards the outside. An action means to join someone, orsomething. No matter, how big an action is, it can’t be bigger than an actor. People think that to do nothing is a trivial matter. But till today, there has been nothing bigger than doing nothing. We think that to do nothing is to sit or stand idly. Even if you sit idle, your heart keeps moving at the speed of your body. Doing nothing doesn’t mean that you should make your body or heart still. Your heart wishes to do something; but your body is tired of doing it. For instance, a eunuch’s heart wishes to have sex, but his body relucts.

The desire for something connects you to some thing, or another. This means that now you are not alone. To do nothing means that you are alone. Doing means that you keep a watch over someone or something. A person who does nothing keeps a watch over himself. He who keeps an eye on himself; due to this, something or another appears. He attains his spirituality. But this does not mean that saints don’t act; they also act. It is also true that not-every man who makes actions can become a saint. Any action depends on its fruit or result. No matter, how much you may say that you don’t want anything from your actions, there is the hope of a result in some part of your heart. Among the saints, there is an idiom, “Do good & cast it in to the river” i.e., you should not wish for a result or reward. However, in reality, it is extremely-difficult to resist wishing for a result of every action that you make. This is the cause of a worry in a person who acts. The results that you seek are of various types, and have different faces. When a man in a mosque does the good deed of offering a brick, then, in return for this, he wishes for a beautiful palace and divine beauties inheaven.

There is a noble decree by the ProphetMohammed S.A.W, that your actions should be pure, even if they are fewer. This noble decree must have been read and heard thousands-of-times, but understood less. The decree has been less-understood, because it is very complicated. A pure action is one in which there is no wish for a reward. But the difficulty of the mind is that an action should be made for a result, and that there should be the wish for a reward after an action is done. Then, the question arises, “who can make pure acts as recommended in the Prophet’s decree?” A person can do pure acts, only when he is in a saint’s umbrella, and when he is familiar with his reality. Those who know the truth treat every act as a mere game that has no cause. Those who are ignorant of the truth make actions because of their wishes, and wander among the wishes; they drift away from themselves.

If you leave all your actions, you will halt within yourself, because all the doors that lead to the outside will get closed. In this world, two types of people lived, are living, and will be born. The first type focuses on themselves; the second sort focuses on the outside. If you are of the second type, but if you have halted within yourself, then you can make actions, but your desires for results will get over. If you are of the first type mentioned above, you will lose both your wishes for actions, and your desires for results. We copy a saying of the great saint, HuzoorGause Azam (R.D.A), “After knowing complete ‘Maarefat’ and reaching a meeting point, if someone has an intentionto worship; Then, he commits the biggest sin (’Shirk’). Such a good fortune is obtained, when your powerlessness appears in reality, then it is achieved. At this point, nothing remains, except for Allah. The consciousness of worship is there in duality. According to the saints, duality is the biggest sin (’shirk’)”.

Educated and Uneducated People

Educated people are of two types; so are the uneducated. If an uneducated person turns inward towards himself, he becomes lazy. If an educated person turns into himself, he will become still. If a materialistic man is uneducated also, then his actions turn into arson and rioting. He keeps doing something or another; he can't remain without any action. He will keep acting, even if his actions are harmful; this is so, because acting is his disease. This world is full of materialistic-and-uneducated people. These uneducated people are of the types that don't know what they are doing, or the results of their acts. Sometimes, they take on the faces of revolutionaries; and, at other times, they become leaders; they try to improve society with all their might. It is due to these people that arson, rioting, and international wars come into existence.

If a worldly person is educated, then his actions will flow like a river, and benefit others. The prostration ('sajda') of a literate person is better than a thousand prostrations (sajdas) of the illiterate persons. Although, the action of a prostration (sajda) is thesame among both types of people. From his parents, a child can get the inheritance of worldliness and spirituality. We should analyze and look at our to-be- born children to see if they are worldly, or a spiritual. If a spiritual child is only one-day-old, he will close his eyes to sleep, for most of the time; he won't even move. He won't open his eyes until he is hungry. Upon feeling hungry, he will act a little. A worldly child will start looking in all the four directions; he will begin to move all his limbs. He wants to grab everything. If you analyze carefully, you will come to know that you can find out, from the mother's womb, whether the child is worldly, or spiritually. If an embryo is worldly, it will move its legs and arms in its mother's womb; the mother feels the activities, more. A spiritual embryo lies, still, in its mother's womb; the mother doesn't know whether the unborn child is absent or present.

The importance of ‘Zikr’ in Sufism

A question:- Why is there so much emphasis on meditation (Zikr), in Sufism (Tasawwuf)?

An answer:- The saints declare that you can't attain God, because you can achieve someone or something only when he or it is not with you. But Allah has always been with us. Allah is He Whom you can't lose, even if you want Him. But we have forgotten Him. For instance, you have a precious diamond in your pocket, but you have forgotten that you have it, while playing. If you ask how to achieve this precious stone, then you must just remember it. You will not need to go, come, or do anything. Meditation (Zikr) means remembrance. In today's age, learning-by-rote is thename of remembrance.

How will you come close to Allah again

A question:- I have been away from Allah since many years; now, how long will it take for me to come close to Him, and what must I do?

An answer:- If you travel for a thousand kilometers with your back turned towards the Sun, and if you say that you want to return to the Sun, then how many kilometers must you travel? Will you, again, have to travel for thousands of kilometers? No, you need to stop where you are, and to turn towards the Sun. Similarly, we have turned our backs to Allah. You need to just turn. In the same way that the Sun was with you when your back was turned towards it, Allah was also with you while your back was turned towards Him. The darkness of a thousand years gets illuminated by a candle and doesn't even say that it has been present for a thousand years. The darkness of illiteracy disappears in the presence of just one ray of literacy.

Actual Meaning of Heart

We have something in us that doesn’t remain still; this part of us is not present where we are; and this part is called your heart. There is only one reason why your heart doesn’t remain still, and this is your desires. Your heart always keeps oscillating, like a pendulum, between any two wishes. Its condition is like that of a donkey on whose two sides are bundles of grass kept at equivalent distances. The donkey sometimes moves to the grass on the left side, and sometimes to the right-side bundles. Due to this, the animal can't reach the bundles on either side; finally, it dies hungry.

It is said that a human stomach gets filled up, but not the heart. The heart is always empty, because it is like a vessel that has no bottom. A bottomless utensil is always empty, no matter how much you try to fill it.


Saying:- That which cannot be emptied is a sprit; that which can't be filled is a heart.

Types of Education

There is an education that can be obtained from learning. There is, even, an education that can be got from forgetting. There is an education that you can get from the rat-race. Another kind of education can be gained by stopping. Then there is, also, an education that you can avail of by wandering. For yet-another education, you should merely take a look within yourself. An education that you get from your hardwork is called ‘Kasbi’; it belongs to the outside; this type of education abandons you at the last moment. And education that betrays you at the last moment is a two-penny knowledge. During your finalbreath, the education that you have got from within yourself is precious. From all the educations that you have received from the outside, you won't be able to know or recognize yourself. The education through which you can't know or recognize yourself is not an education; it is a way of hiding your illiteracy. When the knowledge achieved from the outside becomes too-much, an ego forms. When the internal education increases, we are born. Those who know the facts see only one big crime: forgetting yourself. To forget yourself is to forget Allah. So, those who know the truths say that this is the biggest sin. There is only one cause of forgetting yourself-to get busy in remembering other things. When you start to remember other things, then where do you get enough space in which to remember yourself? Then, you remember a thousand things, but you forget one. You can't locate that one thing among the thousands of other things. Where there is a crowd of thousands of people, the place becomes a market.

The outside-education can spread your knowledge. No matter, how bright the lights of the outside are, there is always a darkness within you. The outside lights cannot obliterate the darkness within you. The education that cannot dispel your inner darkness is like some water visible in a desert as an illusion (i.e., a mirage). This illusory water cannot quench your thirst. The education that comes from outside is nothing but a borrowed knowledge. The illusory education makes you falsely feel that you know a lot; however, it cannot quench your thirst for a true education.

No matter, how much your brain getsfilled with outside knowledge, you remain empty from inside. An education filled with knowledge gives you the false feeling that you are a wise and learned person. You can lure people with this kind of education, but you can't hide your inner emptiness. In reality, the right education is one with which you can know yourself. To know yourself is to know Allah. The education by which you can know Allah is the true education. The light of this true education can cure your inner darkness; it can allieviate your inner emptiness. Therefore, the saints have said that an education which doesn't lead to Allah is not an education; it is a major obstacle.

Your false feeling that you know prevents you form knowing. This very knowledge- based education becomes an impediment between Allah and you. To know yourself, you must turn inward. To know others, you must turn outward. When your vision is busy in looking at others, then everyone is visible, except for you. If you want to look at yourself, you must remove your eyesight from others. As long as others are present in your vision, you can't be present in your own sight. To be present in your own eyesight, you will to have remove your vision from others. When the stone of knowledge is kept somewhere, the steam of knowing stops flowing. If you want this stream to flow, then you must lift and throw away the stone of knowledge. The knowledge collected from the outside is nothing but garbage. To know yourself, how should you throw out the garbage of this knowledge? The name of the process of throwing out the garbage is meditation.

All  your  efforts  are  always  aimed at

getting closer to others. No matter, how close others get to you, you are a stranger to yourself so long as you are far from yourself. When you are a stranger to


yourself, you will remain unhappy. One day, those with whom you have relationships will leave you. When they leave you, you feel hurt.But, you can never leave yourself. Who can be unhappier? The one who is a stranger to himself. One who tries to get educated by leaning a lot keeps roaming outside. Such a person is unknown to himself.

Every to-be-born child carries an education with him. This education is like the jewellery that you keep at home; but you gather garbage, outside. Until you throw out such a garbage from hands, you will be unable to catch your jewellery.

The impacts of having sex with a Pregnant Woman

A question:- Is it right to have sex with a woman when she is pregnant?

Answer:- When there is an embryo in its mother's womb, the former feels every moment of the latter, and memorizes it. If the mother smiles, or is afraid, or eat something, or sings, or falls sick, or gets hurt, then the embryo feels these hurts, as if it itself has felt them. The embryo keeps a memory of these happenings. In the same way in which we remember experiences, an embryo remembers the sex that his parents have. At such a time, desires for sex form within the embryo. Now, new researches in science and technology show that it is very dangerous to have sex with a pregnant woman.

Science states that, when a mother is in a sexual situation, it changes all her chemical contents. At the time of a woman's pregnancy, the chemical changes that happen don't occur at any other time; all her harmones change completely; also, there are amazing changes in some other parts of hers. However, these changes are beneficial, because they occur naturally. But the changes cause by having sex have adverse effects on the body. For instance, during the act of having sex there is shortage of oxygen in the body; because of this, the breath becomes faster. This sort of oxygen-shortage occurs in the same way in which you feel breathless when you run. Similarly, when you have sex, you experience a shortage of oxygen. An embryo breathes via its mother. When a mother feels a lack of oxygen, the embryo feels suffocated; its throat dries up. It is aslo possible thatthe embryo's heart will stop beating. It may even die in the womb. Sometimes, a situation becomes so critical, that an embryo must be removed form its womb prematurely, because a dead embryo becomes a poison in the womb; at this juncture, the mother may die. This is why doctors remove dead embroyes. An embryo's death is unknown to its parents, or to the doctors.

What is Death?

Death is the last flickering of the lamp of your life. Life, itself, is a way to die. The more a lamp burns, the more its oil will get used. There will come a stage where the fire of the lamp will get extinguished. Or, the lamp will die. But such a death will never occur suddenly. As soon as you light a lamp, or you can say that the lamp is born; from this moment his death starts. The more the oil burns, the lamp goes closer to its death. Gradually, there will come a time when the lamp starts to flicker. The wick burns faster, suddenly. The lamp gets extinguished. The wick wants to have even the last drop of the lamp; therefore, the wick flickers.

If you may have seen a dying man closely, then you might have come to know that the person had many diseases. He had been sick for many days; yet, at the time of his death, he looked healthy. It appears that his face had blossomed. This is the final flickeing of life, wherein he gets the energies of his whole life; these energies get over. Death makes you fresh. We say that sleep is a small or half death. When you wakeup from your sleep, you feel fully-fresh. Your day- long fatigue gets over. A big death removes the tiredness of your entire life.


Saying:- Every seed, in itself, is born with the capability to become a tree.

The role of Energy

When you want to reach somewhere, you need energy. If you want to reach Allah, then, too, you need lots of energies. A car without fuel can't move anywhere. Now the question arises about the sources of the energies. Your body turns the food that you eat into energies. That flow in you. In the same way in which a car has fuel-tank, your soul has an X-centre, where in all flowing energies keep gathering. Nature,too, needs this. Nature doesn't worry about your mortality, or your immortality. Nature is interested in the life present within you. This means that you will have your children, and their own children.

This matter should not break: so, sex has so much force that, no matter how much you try to escape from it, it will surely catch you. Nature also has such a deep impact on your X-center, that you become helpless. All your energies have gathered in your X- center. Your energies flow in only one direction, i.e., downward, that is to say, towards your sex-center. You should lift these energies upward. This is the second direction. First is the mother of brain ('Ummuldimag'), which we call a hidden point ('MukaameAkhfa'). The second is your soul, which is called your X-center.

All your energies are concentrated in your x-center, from where you should bring them to a hidden point ('Mukaam-e-Akhfa'). The way from which your energies will travel is your backbone, from where they will move up, and even-more- upward. This is a scientific fact. Upon your energies moving up, changes start to occur in your action and your characters. Your character changes, according to your energy-levels. You can interpret this like this: A small child in whom a sexual drive is hidden. But now, the x-center is not active.

But, as soon as the above-mentioned child will become an adult, every part of his body will be full of sexual urges. These urges will surround him, whether he gets up, or gets down, or sleeps, or is awake, or dreams. How come that such a change occurs suddenly in him? Hence, children aged between fourteen and eighteen land in many troubles;they don't understand what goes on. The ages from fourteen to eighteen are times of great restlessness. Neither can they ask anyone, nor does anyone tell them. So many changes occur in such youngsters, that sex becomes the center of their thoughts.

All these changes occur due to the movements in the sex-power that is in the souls of such teenagers. The day there is a movement in your hidden point ('Mukaam-e-Akhfa'), the same scenes re- occur. You become filled with Allah in a way similar to the way in which you get filled with sexual desires when your X-center comes into movements. The day when your energies appear in your hidden point ('MukaameAkhfa'), you can see nothing but Allah.

When you are on a soul-level, the devil grabs you, and sexual urges engalf you. Allah catches you on 'Mukaam-e-Akhfa;' His blessings surround you. Now the question is of how you should take your energies upward. Remember that, when sexual wishes form within you, then, with your eyes closed, you should direct all your energies with 'Zikrehoo' to your mother of brain ('Ummuldimaag'). You should have only one thought, i.e., That the energies that were stroking your sexual desires downward are going upward to your mother of brain ('ummuldimaag'). In a few days, when you make such an action, you will be full of a wonder that your X-center has become completely-depleted of energies. You will find that a hot thing is moving upward past your backbone. For instance, hot iron moves upward while melting. You will feel that millions of ants are moving up. You will feel some heat. At some point, the heat will become so-strong, that others will also feel it. It will seem that a fire is raging upward.

When that heat reaches the mother ofyour brain ('Ummuldimaag'), then every part of yourbody dances with joy. There is buzzing in your mind; it seems that many honeybees are buzzing. This noise is a good omen. This means that the enrgies have come into your hidden point ('Mukaam-e-Akhfa'). When the energies start to gather in your hidden point ('Mukaam-e-Akhfa'), the rose of your existence starts to bloom. There is a rain of lights. It will appear that millions of Suns have come out together. An ethereality such that it was never known, a pleasure such that it was never-tasted, and scene that was never-sighted are all infront of your eyes.

You live on earth, but you don't walk on the grounds. People see your foot on the ground, but you keep flying in the skies. Suddenly, everything becomes light. The gravity of the earth gets lost. The story that is told related to the Sufis that they sometimes move above the earth becomes a true tale. But one thing is true: he who has carried his energies by lifting them from his soul to his hidden point ('Mukaam-e-Akhfa') feels, suddenly, that he has risen from the earth.

If you meditate, and if the above phenomenon occurs to you, you will find that you have risen four-palm-lenghts above the ground. But when you will open your eyes to see, you will find yourself on the earth, itself. That which was flying above was your spiritual body. But, sometimes, this flow is so fast, that it lifts your physical body above the ground. However such an event occurs only sometimes. But the phenomenon of your spiritual body starts happening within just a few days of meditation. Related to a 'Mehfil-e-Sema', it is said of any Sufi that he rises with his body, two feet over the earth.

This kind of phenomenon occurs only when a sufi is so full of energies that his body breaksthrough the gravity of the earth. In the eyes of the saints, the rising of your body above the earth is nothing but a scene. The most-important fact is that your spiritual body should rise. As soon as your spiritual body rises, the impacts of the earth don't affect you. The impacts of the earth are deep. Your body is made of flesh, a skin, bones and hormones. Every part of you body is made of the soil. The earth is always pulling you down. The earth is not just pulling down things, it is also pulling down your heart and your personality.

On the day that your enrgies rise up, you become like a balloon. You become so light, that the earth can't pull you. In the same way as the one in which gravity is a force that pulls everything down, levitation in your meditation pulls you upwards. It depends on you as to which force will affect you more. If your energies point upward, then lavitation will work on you. If you point downward, then gravitation will affect you.

There is one more way by which you can take all your energy to your hidden point ('Mukaam-e- Akhfa') via your mentors imaginations, you should empty all your thoughts from your mind. You should, remember that Nature doesn't tolerate emptiness. For example, when you take out a bucket full of water from a pond, the spot at which you have filled the water becomes a hole. At this moment, the rest of the water of the pond from all the four sides immediately comes to fill the hole.

The monsoons come after the summers. The heat heats up the air; because of this the air becomes thin, and rises up; due to which holes form in the air. The clouds come running to fill the holes. When you clear your mind of all your thoughts, then, immediately, the energies of your x-center runupwards. There are jolts on your x-center on only two occasions. One occasion is when a man looks at a woman, or vice-versa. The second occasion is the one in which you exhale, with all your might, and with 'Zikr-e-Hoo'. Remember: when this energy flows outward, another person is born. When this energy flows inwards, then you yourself are born. At this stage, you will find out the secret of 'LammYalidWalamYulad'. Translation:- He begets not, nor is He begotten.

What is Duality?

Duality is a creation of the human mind, i.e., it means it's an illusion. The mind in discerning the hot and the cold, differentiate. Your mind can not see heat, and coldness, as one; it can't tolerate this oneness. Due to this duality is born. Although, the heat and the cold are one, if you remove the heat from our world, the coldness will vanish by itself. But your mind believes that, if heat is removed, the coldness will remain. But this is always impossible. Till there was no light, there was no darkness; the thing is one entity, but your mind sees it in two parts. Your mind can not completely see anything; your mind separates the good and the bad, whereas existence is outside the realms of the duality, for instance, the flow of power- currents in your body is one.


If I tell you that any toe of one your legs should be broken, then, will it make a difference to your eyes? You will say that it makes no difference, because your eyes and your toes are different from each other. However, from outside your body, you will feel no difference, there will be a big difference to your eyes, from inside, because the power-currents that flows within your body is one; and the most wonderful thing is that your entire body is made up of cells, whether it's your eyes, or your toes, it's your cellsthat have made all your parts suitable to them [the cells]. There is only one cell in mother's womb; in this womb, there is no eye or toe or any other body-part; as the above cell grows in its mother's womb, it doubles itself; due to which all the body-parts come into existence. Your eyes can feel as much as your finger, because both your parts have come from the same cell. In other words, if your eye can see finger also can see; every single cell of your body can see with the same intensity as your eyes.

QUESTION: Should you learn Sufism (tassawuf) in your old age?

ANSWER: Sufism (tassawuf) teaches you skills of living; you need your living-skills in your youth; what is the use of acquiring it, when you are old?


SAYING: Every word is produced by a duality.

What is the secret?

What is the secret? Between a name and a namelessness, there is one thing, and that thing is a secret. That which is manifold and yet one is a secret. A secret means that you come to know something, but still you don't know; secret is that which we recognize, yet don't recognize. Literacy exists over illiteracy all the secrets exist above literacy. An illiterate person thinks that he knows nothing, while a literate person believes that he knows a great deal. Someone once said that, if you are uneducated, you roam in darkness; however, if you are literate, you roam in a greater darkness. An illiterate man roams in darkness because he doesn't know; a literate person roams because he thinks “I know” – it is this pride of his that makes him lose all his humbleness, and his ego makes its home within himself. A secret is not the name of knowing; it is the name of rising above knowing. The meaning of a secret is that that which is in darkness is itself in brightness. A secret is the knowing that birth and death is one thing. There is a saying among those who know secrets that you should eradicate your pride; so long as you nurture your pride, your enthusiasm to know the secrets will be very low. The meaning of your pride is, “I am knowledgeable; I know everything.” The moment you vanquish your pride, your enthusiasm to learn the secrets increases. On the one hand, there is a secret before your literacy; on the other hand, there is a secret after you become literate. One secret has eyes; the other one is blind.

What is the Importance of Miracles?

A miracle is an action whose cause is impossible to fathom. This is because every action has a reason; i.e., when a sick man takes a doctor's medicine and gets well, then this cannot be called a miracle, because you know the cause of this patient's recovery. When a man falls at the feet of a saint and recovers, then this is a miracle, because you don't know the cause of the recovery. But there is a cause involved, here, also, the example of cause is the jolt that you feel when electricity runs through your body, or when the current numbs your bodily functions. In exactly the same way, the bodily currents of a pious man can cure all human sicknesses. That which is called as Reiki.

A true miracle is one in which an action and its cause become one, and are not distinct from each other.

All opposite things are the same

A sickness is the protective shell of your body. Even a sickness is the part of a good health. The system of your life depends on the opposition. Everything is recognized from its opposite. Everything gives you the thought of its opposite thing. Life makes you think about death. To be makes you think of not being; likewise, or not to be gives you the thought about being. In the same way as your life generates in you the thought about death, the thought of your death makes you think about your life, there is life, so there is death. Life is the door–of-death. When something is understood, then you will neither run from your life, not will you be scared of your death. A human being chooses one out of two. A person wishes to be healthy and not sick; he wants to remain young, and not to be old; he wants goodness to exist, and not badness.

When  you  choose  one,  you  becomestressed. In the rigmarole of catching one and leaving the other, there is a rift between them. All things are bounded to one-another, in the same way that the night is related to the day, you should either accept both, or reject them; only then can you live peacefully. We want people to respect us; but the moment we think about this, the door of disrespect opens. Disrespect occurs because we want respect. He who is ready to be respected should also be ready to be disrespected. Whether or not they are caught by someone, they are together with each other. They are not even together, but they are the two sides of one thing; for instance, your inhalation and your exhalation. If you inhale but don't exhale, or if you exhale but don't inhale, you will die. The breath that you exhale is the same one that you inhale. Clearly, we perceive that our  inhalationsand our exhalations are different, but they are one; in fact, they are a pair that helps each other because of which we are alive.


How can you get a great peace of mind?

When your ego is destroyed completely, you get a great peace-of-mind. The absence of a peace-of-mind means a clash. Your ego is made of a 'Kibr'. Which means great; we must make other people small, for us to become big; due to these clashes always occur; therefore, there is no chance for a peace-of-mind to exist. We always fight; in our shops or offices, we have business-fights; at home we have familial fights; we fight continuously, except that the places of our quarrels vary.

The secret of a woman

The mystery of a woman is the secret of darkness. If you understand the secret of a woman; you will know the mystery of God. When a man says “no,” she may mean “yes.” When a woman gives birth to a child, she uses more energy than that which is found in an atomic bomb. A man's being a father is routine; he has started a new act but to bring this act to fruition is the work of only a woman. Therefore, a woman's being a mother is a real activity. Today, science has evolved so much, that we can store our sperms for as many as a thousand years. With the help today's science, a man can father a child even ten thousand years after his death. But, to be a mother, a woman's being alive is necessary. Men have invented lots of things; but only women have invented the art of giving live births. According to Nature if 100 girls are born, then 116 boys are born. While growing up, only 100 boys will be alive from the 116. 16 of them will die. In this way, the numbers of boys and girls will be equal. Compare to a man, a woman live longer, and has fewer diseases. A woman can do everything, without doing anything; but a man must do something, to do anything.

Without saying anything, a woman  cansay that which a man can't say, even after imbibing many words. It is a woman's natural attribute to accept everything; it is in a man's nature to fight. The mystery of achieving God is present in the secret of a woman. No  one  can  achieve  God  by  fighting  with  Him.

However, if you try to unlock God's secrets like a woman, then Allah will, by Himself, enter your hearts; how a woman does this is not to fight, but to bow down low very humbly to Him. Only a woman can wait patiently; a man can't. A woman is looked at, respectfully, because she is a mother. The kind of respect that a woman gets from being a mother cannot be earned by her as a wife. Even today, in society, if a woman should get any award, then it is a award for being a mother; a great example is that of mother Teresa. Another example is 'UmmulMominin'. After a boy's birth, his sex-hormones get produced later. But, in the case of a girl, she carries her eggs with her right from her birth. So, a girl is born as a complete human being; a boy is born incomplete and completed later. Therefore, a girl has a kind of satisfaction, while a boy has restlessness. To make a boy satisfied, ways must be found. To make a girl restless, sources must be found. A deep and strong reason for this is that the chromosomes from which girls are born are XX; this means that both are one.

A boy is born from a chromosome thathas an X-cell, and a Y-cell, which are not the same as each other. From inside, a woman has a good balance; if one of her cells is X, the other one is also X. But there is no such balance in a man, because both his cells are different. A woman's beauty lies in these very double-X cell that she has. Her beauty increases as per the same speed of her cells. But a man's cell-speed is not the same, so, he is not as good-looking as a woman. The creators of a woman's essence are 48 atoms; they are 24 plus 24. 47 atoms make the essence of a man. This one weakness of a man makes him run around throughout his life, from one shop to another, and from the ground to the moon in an attempt to make up for his one-cell weakness. A woman's acceptanceof things is better than that of a man, because of her balance. A woman's being a mother is her spread; for a father, it's just the cause of a thought.

The secret of darkness

The meaning of darkness is “that which cannot be seen.” Whatever is in darkness is hidden behind its curtains. Light can be brought on; it can be ended. But darkness has no end or limit, because it has existed since the times when there was no such word or entity called light. Light can be carried from one room to another; darkness can't. You can extinguish a flame with a puff, but even the whole world can't do the same thing to darkness. One meaning of darkness is 'empty.' Darkness is completely empty, in itself. This is why, in darkness, you can fill a room with luggage. The birth of an oneness is from darkness; similarly, the birth of a variety is from a light. Every seed experiences its growth in darkness. A child grows within the darkness of his mother's womb. One more meaning of darkness is “NO.” Scientists have the Moon, the Sun, the Stars, and other Planets and, the inter-planetary distances; the yardstick of measuring such distances is the speed of light. Just as the Sun's rays take 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach the Earth, the speed of light has been determined at 300,000 kilometers per second. The inter-stellar distances are measured, according to this speed. Scientists say that the word, “Nothingness,” means that which has no surrounding or measurement. Here “Nothing,” does not mean “No,” it is beyond our measurements. It is not possible to know what darkness means, regarding its measurements. Therefore darkness exists in a “No.”

The ego is an enemy

Jealousies, grudges, hatred or malevolence, anger and cheating enter us in our ignorance. The cause and the centre of our sub- conscious is our “I-me-myself” attitude. When you visit a holy place, you get a unique type of satisfaction. When you leave the holy place; the satisfaction disappears, as if it was never there. This is because, so long as you were at the sacred place, your existence was without your “I-me-myself” attitude; owing to this, your existence experienced a peace. The “I”- ness causes fights and chaos, in our existence. Have you ever wondered that, when you sleep and then wake up, you feel fresh, and that this freshness is useful to you the whole-day-long? The cause of this, too, is that, when you sleep, your “I-me” thoughts also sleep. Later, in the morning, you get energy. Your ego keeps changing; but it changes so fast, that you don't even know or feel the change. An embryo sleeps in its mother's womb for all the 24 hours. Nature makes embryos sleep all the time, so that they won't know the “I-me-myself” thoughts; or, else, the existence of the embryos may stop. Later, a baby enters the world; this is when it needs to sleep for 22 hours, which then tapers down to 20 hours and gradually to 8 hours for an adult, and finally 4 hours for an old person. When the time comes that you need only 4 hours of sleep, the breaking down of your existence begins. Ultimately, your death occurs. Your ego is natural; so are poisons and illnesses. But we want both to drink poisons and not to die. However, when you drink a poison, you will surely die.

SAYING: Your every wish troubles you from theoutside; your hopes harass you from inside.

Complaints of a meditators

There are lines written in the holy Quran (Aayatequrani), “know ye ! In the remembrance of Allah, your hearts will find a lot of peace and satisfaction.” It is the complaint of every meditator that he has not obtained a peace of mind or heart; you should understand why this happens to the meditators. When a person meditates, his entire mind and energy are focused on his satisfaction; but he gets restless that he spends so much of his energy on a peace that he can't get. This is the reason why a meditator can't unravel the secrets of lines of the Quran. We meditate to get peace and satisfaction, whereas, the secret is that your peace and satisfaction exist in your meditation, itself. These views appear to be the same, but they are vastly different from each other. This means that no one can produce a peace, or buy it from a market. When you are lost in the remembrance of Allah while you meditate, peace and satisfaction come to you, naturally.

“I” cannot be destroyed

Your “I” (yourself) cannot be destroyed, because we give all our strengths to that which we try to destroy; due to this, the object that we set out to destroy becomes even-stronger. We try to smash that which does not exist.

Your efforts to eradicate yourself keep it alive. Your “I” (yourself) cannot be killed, but it can be understood, i.e., what and where it is.

What is a Mentor (’Peer’)?

The meaning of a mentor is a person who stands in the middle who, while close to you, is farway from you. He is like you, and totally unlike you. The mentor is completely-free, even while being trapped in this world.

The Feelings of an Embryo

Every to-be-born child feels that his birth is like his death. The mother in whom the child remains for nine months. What he considered as a life is about to end. The child doesn't know his future life. Ahead, there is a fear that his rest, comfort and happiness will be snatched away from him. He doesn't know that he will be removed from his smug-and- cozy world, and that all his roots will be uprooted. That which we call as a birth is construed by the embryo as a death before your death, you become unconscious. This is why a child is born like an unconscious.

A pure beauty?

A flower blooms; you call it beautiful. The moon comes out; you call it beautiful. You see a face; you call it beautiful. You listen to a 'gazal' that touches your heart; you call it beautiful. Have you ever seen beauty? You have seen beautiful things, buthave you known beauty? Have you seen it? If you haven't seen it, then how can you call a thing beautiful? You can see beauty in a flower, but you have not seen pulchritude. Beauty comes onto a flower in the mornings; by the evening, the beauty vanishes. Beauty is visible on a face, but, tomorrow, it will be lost. What exists today will be lost tomorrow. That which is visible in the morning will be drown in the evening. Have you tried to separate the beauty from things? Have you seen a pure beauty? You have seen beautiful things, but not beauty. A flower can be defined to a certain extent, because it is limited. It has a make, a shape, and recognition. But beauty can't be defined, because it has no limit, make, or recognition; still, we recognize it. If there was no recognition, how could you call a flower pretty. If a flower is the sole beautiful thing, then the moon can't be good-looking. What is the relation in the moon and flowers. If only the moon is beautiful, then you can't call someone's eyes lovely. Beauty is something else and different from an eye, the moon, and a flower. If an eye that looks beautiful right now is filled with anger, and hatred, it will become ugly. The eye will remain the same, but something will be lost. Surely, beauty is not an eye, the moon, or a flower. Beauty is something else.

Have you ever met or seen beauty?

Youhave never met, seen, and known it. There is something different about beauty; yet, we recognize it. When the secret of beauty goes into a flower and is visible in it, we say that the flower is beautiful. When someone's eyes rick of the secret, you say that his eyes are lovely. When the secret is apparent is someone's words, then, we say that the words are beautiful.

On an unknown road, we meet beauty. On such a road, beauty enters our hearts; it touches oursouls. But what is it that your heart feels and your soul touches, but your mind can't understand or round off? You should consider the things that are lost by wise men's hands because your intellect is limited, and can know and recognize limited things. When your brain measures something, it sees the end and the beginning of that thing. Your brain sees where it ends and, where it starts. Owing to this limitation of your brain, everything breaks into pieces, and continues to break.

Your mind can know only that gets born, or dies. A flower is born. There are a thousand ways to give birth to it. But there is no way to give birth to beauty. So, that which can't be given birth to can't be killed. A flower can die; beauty can't. A flower is limited; beauty is unlimited. Hence, your mind can't understand the secret of beauty; the mind keeps wondering.


SAYING: Mohammed (P b u h) is the beauty of Allah, and Mohammad (P b u h) is immortal, immortality of Mohammed (P b u h) is beautiful.

HADITH: Allah is beautiful, and loves beauty.

The real existence

There is someone who was present right from the start, has been there since the beginning, and will remain forever. The sun will continue to rise, and set. The world will continue to be made, and destroyed. But there is something that is present before the sun-rise, and will remain present after the sun sets. There is something that is present before the world is made; it will be extant after the world ends. People will continue to be born, and to die.

There is something that cannot be madeor ended; it is eternal; and that is a pure existence. You have never seen an existence. You have seen a tree that has an existence. You have seen a river that has an existence. You have seen a man who has an existence. You have seen a sun which has an existence. But you have never seen any existence.

You have seen things that “Are,” but will become lost. For example, there is a table that we say “Is”. There is a man that we say “Is”. There is a building that we say “Is,” There are men, tables, flowers, buildings, the sun. But what is this “Is” that is in men, in the sun, and in tables? You saw a man, the sun, and some tables, but you have not seen the “Is,” which is existence. Imagine that you have broken a table; we had said two things: the table, and the “Is,” You have broken the table, but have you shattered its “Being”?

There was a flower; now we say that it doesn't exist. You may have destroyed the flower, but have you exterminated its “Being”? You never saw an existence. You have seen merely things. A man who lived is dead; he had two things himself and is.

The man who lived had bones, flesh, a mind, a body, and a heart. There was an existence; the bones broke. The body dissolved into the soil. But, did the “Is” become the dust? When you destroy a flower, you destroy only it, you can't destroy its beauty, because you haven't seen it. How can you destroy something that you haven't seen? How can you destroy a thing that you can't hold or touch? In exactly the same way, you haven't seen existence. So, existence can't be destroyed.

People are born, and die. They are buried in graveyards. But their existences are eternal; an existence is not a thing that is born when you are born, or a thing that is dead when you die. You can fix itslimitations, i.e., the time and the date of a birth, or of a death. Accordingly, you can determine the age. This is the limit of a person's age, but not of his life. You should think deeply to know that, during even birth, there are objections to the determining of your birth- day. Should your birthday be considered as the date on which you were born, or the day on which you, as a spermatozoon, had fertilized on ovary.

Generally, we consider a birthday as the day on which we were born. But you should go back a little-your birthday should be the day on which you entered your mother's womb. But, if you go even- deeper, when you begin to be a part of the womb and the first cell is made, then half of that cell was already present inside your father. The other half was inside your mother, long ago.

Hence, the story of your birth is the tale of the union of two lives that were already living. But this, itself, is not a beginning; your life was already present in both the sides, i.e., in both your parents. One part of you was in your father, and the other part was in your mother. Your parents union was the start of your life.

alive in the first man that walked on the earth; but how can even this man be the first one?

To be the first man, it is necessary for life to precede him. Now look at this with a religious view: Religion says that which is produced from a union of parents is only a bodily life, into which a soul has entered. The developments in a womb have been occurring from the start. The soul's progress is also pre-ordained. These two beginnings meet each other in a womb. I was already there in this sense. Every part of me was present. Every part of my spirituality was present. There was no moment that I was absent. No matter, what my face is in this existence, no matter what the make, whatever my name is, there was no moment in existence in which we were not-present. There won't be a moment wherein we will be absent.

SAYING: A son is born to a father. But a father does not give birth to his son.

SAYING: Even before Adam (A.S), there was an entity of Adam

How does belief work?

If you have a belief related to person that he is good, then your belief becomes your selection of such a man, you select his goodness, and leave his badness. If, in some way, you regard someone as bad, then his goodness is hidden from your sight.


A HINT: You have closed yourself, from the inside. You want to open yourself from the outside; so, you can't open yourself.

Forms of things

There are three types of things-

The gaseous, ii) The liquid, and iii) The solid Example:- Ice is the solid form of the water. Water exists in a liquid form. Steam is the gaseous form of the water.

It is not just things; it is also words that have three forms. When someone abuses you, his abuses are words in solid forms that hurt you. Poems, couplets, and gazals are words in liquid forms. Which flow that can be found in water. Among hymns, a single word has several meanings you think of hymns as per your nature and your thoughts. If it is not so, then they cannot be hymns. A pin-drop silence is the gaseous form of a word, where in matters get over without even a word.

A Genuine Question and its Acknowledgment

you are vexed even after you receive the answer to your question. After- all-why? If you go into its depths, you will come to know that you get answer to questions. The answers don't reach the askers; whereas the answers are meant to reach the askers, and not the questions. If an answer is meant only for a question; in the same way as the one in which mathematical questions have fixed answers; how much is 2+2? – it is 4. Similarly, the numbers will change, or the symbols of math will keep changing.

But the answers will be fixed. If this rule is right then the answer to every question should be fixed.

But the Prophet Mohammed (S.A) gives several answers to every question. An asker asks the prophet (S.A) a question, whose answer is different. The second asker puts forward the same question- he gets a different answer. Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) never gave his answers by looking at the questions; he looked at the askers, whom he based his answers on; in the same way as a 'hakim' or a doctor checks your pulse to know your condition and to prescribe the right medicines to you. He does not listen to the sickness, as is prevalent now, due to which, today, the effects are fewer that the side- effects. Owing to this, a patient becomes worse instead of better. When a doctor is half learned, there is a danger to your life. Nevertheless, those who are ignorant will give the same answers to the same questions. They keep repeating the same answers.

Their answers are not their own ones;

they have been picked up from other, or from books. This is why they repeat the answers, like parrots. This kind of borrowed answers can only fill the blank of a question; but it can't satisfy an asker; the answerer, himself, is unsatisfied. The wise men know that questions can be alike. But the askers vary, and so do the investigations and asker's soul is different. If you look inside an asker as to where a question arose from, then you will come to know that questions are alike. But the meaning of a question will change, depending on the condition of an asker. Therefore, an asker (not a question) should get an answer because it is an asker (not a question) that is important.



Three types of sex can be seen


This is between a man and a woman.


This is between two men, two women.


This is self-contained sex, as among ameba that are both male and female. An ameba is born without the efforts of a male or a female ameba. An ameba eats so much that it splits into two separate amebas from its centre. Generally, children suck their own thumbs. But, if an adult is asked to do the same thing, he will not derive any pleasure from it.

The adult will have fun in touching or kissing someone. A man is 60% male, and 40% female. A woman is 60% female, and 40 % male. Where there is the level of equality, you can imagine what happens there by Mirza Ghaalib's words

Naatu hi milanawisalesanamNaayahakerahenawahake hum

Shaikh Mohiuddin IbneArbi (R.A) said that a person who is weak in both the strengths is a eunuch. The condition for a child to be born is the conjugal union between a man and a woman. A human being is produced from the parts of a man and a woman. But remember that, when you realize the truththat a man is 40% woman and a woman is 40% man. This means that, in every man, is a hidden woman. When you go deeper into this subject, when a man and a woman have an intercourse, their sex is call hetero sexual. When they have this type of sex, they experience internal joys. Perhaps, they think that their joys emanate from their sexual activities. But, as soon as they meet, a circle gets completed (the circle is physical). Due to this, someone new can enter this world. But an intercourse cannot be the cause of any internal happiness. It can give you a relief, physically. The real reason for this is that, when a man and a woman met, and then there is a moment. When the woman in the man, and the man in the woman, become one; and internal circle gets over, which, in the language of Sufism (Tasawwuf) can be said of that the man becomes complete. Where duality ends for a short while, owing to which there is a spiritual satisfaction. But, to maintain such feelings, you must delve into meditations, totally.

The feelings that a man gets from a

woman, and which she gets from the man, are external. But when a man meets the woman inside him, it is called auto-sexual; on account of this he, himself, is born; in this scenario, one becomes neither a man, nor a woman. Merely, a light is produced. Such a person is called neither a man, nor a woman; he is called as the statue of a light.


SAYING: The stomach is the gateway to sex.

A point of belief (faith and blind faith)

To know the difference between faith and blind faith, you should see the result of your belief; it is with this that your decision will be made. You will come to know whether or not you have a blind faith. For instance, it is possible that a man whom you trust his wrong and unworthy of your trust. If you believe such a man, people may call your trust in him as a blind faith; they will call you blind; they will ask you, “can't you see through him?”

If you believe in laws like this that has no scientific backing, then people will tell you that your faith is blind. It is not important whether or not there are scientific laws. If, on that law, your life is scientific, and if, due to that belief, there is change in you. If your belief purifies you, and if it takes you internally towards a power, then you should understand that it is a true belief. When a law is scientifically-proven, and by believing in which your life turns downwards, and then you should realize that is nothing but a blind faith.

How a person is, i.e, whether he is right or wrong, is another matter. The important thing that matters is how your belief is. It depends on a believer. A belief is not like a thing. But a belief is related to a thing. Whom you believe is something that makes an important decision. What does your belief do for you? This, itself, is important, and is a matter for taking a decision on. 

Then, you can measure your faith, i.e,whether your faith is right or blind. If your belief takes you nowhere, you will fester there, itself; this is the matter of a blind faith. Your belief is a fire that will burn and change you. If you put a little gold in a fire, then the dirt gets burned away; the pure gold remains behind, intact. Can gold ask whether the fire is true, or false? The gold can, in itself see, whether or not the dirt has got burned. The gold has blossomed and come out; the fire was true. The gold has got no other way to know the fire. If all the dirt remains, the fire is false. Don't worry about whom you trust. You should worry whether or not it changes you.

It's a matter of great joy that a person who you trust is, sometimes, not worthy of your faith. But, you become capable because of your beliefs. It happens every day that a person that you trust is fully deserving of your trust; but, in your life there is no change; no incident occurs in your life. You remain incapable.

However, we all have doubts about whether or not the people that we trust are trustworthy. But, if you see this from the other side, about whether or not a person deserves your trust; and, if your beliefs make fearless, then they are true beliefs. If your beliefs get filled with hatreds, jealousies, and greed, then they are blind faiths. If your beliefs bless and are merciful, then they are genuine. To know whether or not your beliefs are true or correct,

You have no way but to judge yourself. If you set out to judge others, then you will find no able or capable person. Whom you can trust. If you think about yourself, you will find capable person (from every side) that you can have faith in.

The Incredible Existence of Trust and Belief

Once, there was a saint who had a habit of trusting everyone. Every person would take away some thing, or another, of his. One day, his devotee said, “Oh Hazrat, you trust every one so fast! And you take so many troubles. The least that you should do is to find out the credentials of the persons that you associate with. So many people have ditched you, yet, you trust everyone.”

The 'hazrat' smiled and said, “Everyone is testing my faith.” The hazrat told his devotee, “Those people harm you more. The belongings have gone, and so have your beliefs. The belongings have a price; they can be bought again from a market. But trust has no price; it cannot be bought from any market. If I have people with me who do me no harm, then there will be no way to measure my faith. The question is not that I should trust a person. The question is that my trust should exist.”

If you understand this tale from the point of view of the above hazrat, then there will be major differences in your beliefs.

It is not important as to whom you trust; the important thing is your belief, itself. A blind faith is like a eunuch that can produce nothing. You tend to stack your blind faith in one part of your brain; this blind faith is of no use.

If so many people believe in Allah, then their beliefs should be false, because, if, in reality, so many people have faith in Allah, then this world of ours would not have been so ugly. If these many people trust Allah, then there should have been a fragrance in their lives; only bad smells exist. This belief is false. It's superficial. This is called a blindfaith. If your faith brings about a revolution in you then your faith is genuine. That which makes your life like some still, dirty, gutter-water is a blind faith.

The countries that live on blind faith fester in closed boxes. A belief is a flow; it's a high speed. To trust is not easy. To be a believer means to get ready to change yourself. But many people think that a belief means to get themselves rid of their responsibilities. For example, they go to the shrines of saints; they place the baskets or burdens of their responsibilities on the saints. They call their actions as beliefs. This is the kind of faith that they have in the saints, the mentors, and Allah. They make themselves stand in a line of true believers. It is certain that if you want to change yourself, and to do something, the whole universe gets ready to support you.

The Art of listening

Why have our Sufi saints given Mehfil- e-Sema [Arabic, which means a Mehfil of listening] its name? In a mehfil, there are both seeing and listening. In this the secret is that, in a mehfil-e-sema, there are greater emphasis on listening. Every part of your body has its own importance. Your ears have a different kind of importance. Your ears can do what your eyes or other parts can't. For instance, your eyes can see within a radius of 180 degrees. The radius of your listening is 360 degree.

Your listening is like a lamp. A lamp shines bright in all the four directions; similarly, your listening-radius is spread over all the four directions. You can't see behind your back, but you can certainly listen. Your eyes can't see behind the walls. But your ears can hear the noises behind the walls. Allah has made your eyes such that you can open or close them at will, it is in your hands to open or close your eyes. But you have no real control over your ears; only Allah has that right.

If you are sleeping, and if someone stands close to you, you can't see him. But, if the person standing next to you makes a noise, you will become awake. This is why many people set alarms to wake up. Your ears, which can awaken you externally, can also wake you up internally. When you meditate, your eyes are closed for most of the time. This is because you live in the external world, 80% because of your eyes. This is true to the extent that, even in thestate of a sleep, your eyes live mostly in the external world. You can observe this by watching a sleeping man. If his pupils move while sleeping, it means that he is dreaming when you are dreaming, your pupils move in the same way that they move when they see the external world.

If you see someone it means that you have come very-close to him. But if you hear someone, it means that he has come close to you. You will not like it when someone stares at you. Psychologists say that, when you stare at someone over three seconds, it is construed as an invasion into the other person's privacy. But it is considered absolutely- all right when you stare at someone that you love. Apart from this, to stare is a 'Lucchapan,' i.e., a slyness.

In our society, the word, 'Lucchapan' is considered as an abuse. You like those who listen to you; you dislike those who stare at you. Today, in our society, there are professional listeners, whom we call psychologists. They may or may not be listening to you, but they pretend that they listen to you. People come out happy after meeting them.

Your eyes are attackers, you can attack with your eyes; you scare people, with them. But, till today, the ears have never assaulted anyone. Your eyes are masculine; your ears are feminine. Your eyes search outside.

To understand the mystery of Nature, scientists try to forcibly open Nature's curtains. In their attempts, they are successful. This is equivalent to the rape of Nature. Owing to such scientist's experiments, there is much destruction. Two examples of this are the bombs that America had thrown on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The effect of the two bombs is extant. Your ears act like a woman; theywait for their beloved, with open doors. In love, the curtains are not removed; they move by themselves. Nature is eager to reveal her secrets to her love. After meditating in a cave called 'Hira,' Prophet Mohammed [S.A.W] was truly-blessed by Allah's words. The Prophet Mohammed [S.A.W] has heard the entire Quran. The whole Quran has reached us, via listening.

If the map of your ears is seen, it would appear that there is a fetus in a mother's womb. A solution, called acupuncture, has been invented. Acupuncture involves the use of needles that pierce your ears, to cure any illness in any part of your body. The part of your ears that is pierced by needles corresponds to your affected parts.

The astonishing fact is that, as soon as some needles are poked into your ears, your afflicted parts are cured.

Your body-balance is right, due to your ears. When there is any kind of pain in your ears, you start feeling dizzy, and your body-balance changes adversely.

The Sufi saints say that to hear Allah is better than seeing Him. The art of listening is that, while you are listening, you should remove all your thoughts from your mind. Your listening should be pure, so that you can listen to the true meaning of a speaker. The speaker tells you a fact, but his listeners have heard him in their own ways. Owing to this, many sects and religions came into existence. A person who acquires the art of listening can discern the true and the false. Due to this the true and the false become very obvious. The ears of a person who listens well removes the gap between the far and the near.

Allah has hidden the secret of Death in your ears.

The secrets of good health

Spirituality is the biggest wealth of mankind. Your body is the first step to enhancing your spirituality. There are three most-important things for your body. The first step is a proper meal. There are two types of people who harm their bodies. The first type eats excess food. The second type leaves everything. Both these types harm their bodies. Owing to this, spirituality gets spoiled; because, when you meet your self, your body is introduced first. Other people also know you by your body.

The first important thing is a proper meal. i.e., you should not eat so little that your body becomes weak; you should not eat so much that your body will unable to digest it. The food that you eat should be digested, because the body has its own metabolism. The food that you digest is God’s big favor to you. I have seen an incident in which there was a man; his weight was a 100kgs. You might have guessed how fat he was! His digestive system had failed. If someone’s kidney fails, then he can live for twenty or twenty five years on dialysis. If somone’s lungs get weak, then he can survive about ten years. Even if a man suffers from cancer, he can live for a few years.

But, according to me, if someone’s digestive system fails he cannot fight or survive. According to me, these days, a failed digestive system is the biggest disease. Every disease can be cured, buta failed digestive system has no cure. The treatments are available there for two thousand types of cancers, but a failed digestive system can’t be treated. What will you do when your food is not being digested? You cannot survive longer.

If your car has no fuel, how can it go ahead? If you have a mercedes, it cannot move without a fuel. That is why a failed digestive system is the most-dangerous disease.

Allah has made Nature in such a way, that it can help your digestive system. For instance, gravity is beneficial to your digestion. If you are simply sitting without doing anything, your food will still get digested. This happens, because your heart pumps your blood upward. Gravity pulls your blood downward. On account of this, your food gets digested. You can understand, from this, when the astronauts travel to space- stations area in zero- gravity. They eat jellies there. They don’t eat tandoori chickens or any heavy food. They jellies become liquids while eating. It means that the astronauts’s meals are in jelly-forms, but they have vitamins, proteins, and calcium. It takes hardly 10 to 15 minutes for a jelly to become a liquid. The astronauts have to digest only the liquids.

But, on Earth, you don’t need to do the

hard work of digesting such liquids. You do hard work to digest your food. But, the astronauts who travel to the space stations need to do the hard work of digesting the jellies. If they sit idle, then the jellies will not get digested, because they are in a zero-gravity; And they will shrink. If you have any clip or footage, you can see the astronauts doing excercises to digest their foods. Astronauts do exercise for 4 hours daily. Whereas, the astronauts have to digest only the liquids, but their digestion is very-weak. It cannotdigest even if the liquids without hard work. I mean to say that your digestive system is Allah’s big blessing to you.

Another matter is that the Prophet Mohammed [S.A.W] has said, “you should eat allowable [halal] food, because an allowable meal is digested very-fast.” Allah has packed great effects in your allowable foods, so that it could be digested easily. To eat proper food is a first important thing for you.

These days, America suffers from a disease called an eating-disorder. This disease is similar to a brain-disorder. The disease is spreading in America on a big scale. Due to this, you will find that every sixth American is obese. America has become a victim of obesity. In America, anxiety is the biggest cause of obesity. Every developed country has more concerns. For instance, if the scientists state that, after two thousand years, the sun will lose all its gases. Then, the educated people will be stuck in thinking. They will start thinking, “What will happen now?” On the other hand, when the illiterate persons are aware of this, they will say, “Let the sun lose its gases, and let anything happen.” An illiterate thinks, “come what may, I want my home-fires should keep burning.” Now you come to know that the developed countries are surrounded by the many anxieties; because of this, their diets have increased. The Psychologists say, “When your worries are more, you eat more.” The sad people, anxious people, and worried people are becoming very-fat. Due to this, their thyroid glands are getting affected. They have become addicted to food. When you smoke, you get addicted to nicotine.

Similarly, you get become addicted to the dopamine that is in your food.

Dopamine is a chemical that creates a sex- chemical in your mind. You cannot have sex with your wife on an empty stomach. This is why doctors and Hakeems advise you, to have sex with your wife after four hours of your meals, because, before these four hours, your sex chemical doesn’t form in you.

This is why the Prophet Mohammed [S.A.W] has said, “If your condition is such that you can’t get married you should fast.” Prophet Mohammed [S.A.W] is the head of all the doctors and Hakeems. He said that you should fast, because, when you fast, you will eat less. Due to eating less the sex- chemical will not be produced in you. You don’t need to have sex with a woman to remove the chemical. The Prophet Mohammed [S.A.W], has hidden a secret in this.

If you are in a grip of worries, you are in the habit of eating more. This habit is similar to the addictions to ‘bidis’, Cigarettes, and opium. A cigarette-addict’s brain will not work properly if he doesn’t smoke. When a drunkard doesn’t get his daily alcohol, his limbs tremble; upon drinking, he becomes “normal.” Eating-disorders are similar to such addictions.

There is a reason behind eating more.. When you feel an emptiness within yourself, you want to fill yourself with food, so that you feel you are full, not empty, because your food makes you feel that you are full not empty.

Some people eat till there gullets, so thatthey could forget their inner emptiness. If you visit an orphanage, you will see that the orphans are forced to leave their plates. They keep eating. Their entire focus is on eating, as soon as the bell rings. Their abdomens are bloated.

You can see that your wife, and your mother run after your children with plates of food and bread-loaves, to feed them with. But, they are not ready to eat. Many parents have complaints that their children don’t eat enough food. The reason behind this is that the children are full from inside, with the love of their uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

We always keep trying to fill our emptiness. The grown up people want to fill themselves with knowledge. So that, their emptiness goes away and becomes invisible. You always try to escape from yourself, and fill yourself. According to me, to be alone is a big deal; loneliness is the worst thing. Your loneliness bites you. For example “WadahuLasharikalahu” [There is none worthy of worship besides Allah Who is alone]. “Kul wallahuahad.” [Say you, He is Allah the one].

You want to remove your emptiness, but there is one thing that is full and should be emptied by you. You have filled your emptiness with a garbage. A perfect mentor’s duty is to empty it.

According to me, a mentor who empties his devotees is perfect.[Kaamil peer].But, people think that mentor who fills his devotees is perfect. According to me, a mentor should empty his devotees, because they are filled with rubbish. When you become empty from yourself, then, you are filled withGod. Until you become empty from yourself, you cannot be filled with God. But, there is a big, obstacle to this. This obstacle is that you are not ready to meet your self. If you want to become empty from yourself, you will have to meet your self.

You are always busy with other; you need something or another. You want a t.v-set that makes you forget your self.

There is so much madness within you, that, if you are locked in a room for a week, then you will become mad. Already, you are mad; but, by being in a room, your madness will be on display. To prevent your madness from becoming obvious, you live with one person or another, to forget about yourself, no matter whether it’s your wife, your friends, your tv- set. A new way to forget yourself is to go to a multiplex. The old way of forgetting yourself is to go to a temple, or a mosque; wherein you forget yourself. You forget yourself, so that you can’t remember yourself. If you remember yourself, you will remember your madness. Therefore, it has come in the ‘Tasawwuf’ that to meet your self is to meet Allah. He who doesn’t know himself doesn’t know Allah.

If there is a madness in you, there is a cure for it; but, to avail of this remedy, you must admit to your madness from inside. If you admit to it, mentor will cure you. There are several solutions for you. If you want to know your madness, you must make an experiment; you must be alone in a room with no entertainment for just three days. Within three days, you will scream. There is not much difference between a mad man and you. A mad person talks tohimself. When your madness will increase, you, also, will talk to yourself. You must have seen that people jabber even after a fight; and they talk to themselves.

Your anger becomes a way to express your madness. Anger is also equal to a madness. A man looks mad when he gets angry. A madness is hidden in every person. When accidentally you shove someone with your elbow while walking on a road, his madness will be on display instantly. When you abuse someone, your abusing becomes an opportunity for him to express his anger. Its not as if you get angry, to vent your madness. In fact, you are full of anger in 24 hours. The abusing becomes just an opportunity for your madness to come out.

The things that your vessel has, it will leak out. If your vessel is empty, nothing will burn or leak out. If you have milk in your vessel, it will boil and come out; if you have a poison in your vessel, it will over flow. You should also consider that you don't love someone; you hate them less, but you, under your illusion. You hate your wife less, but you think that you love her, you hate less your parents and think that you love them. you hate your friends less but you think that you love them. When your hatred increases, then you start hating and get angry, because if you really love, you can never hate. I want to make it clear that the food that you eat fills half your stomach, and half of your doctors’s stomach.

Importance of Human Centre ‘s

Today, you have lost your life-centre. You will have to reach your life-centre again. As I said, “your body is a first step to your spirituality.” If I ask you, “what is the important part of your body?” you will certainly think about head, or your mind. You will think that your mind is the most-important part of your body, because just as flowers look beautiful; they attract you. The fragrances of the flowers have made you smell good. Similarly, your brain is a flower that has bloomed on you.

If I ask the same question to a man who is connected to his spirituality. “He will answer, the heart is an important part.” but, your heart is also like a flower. Your mind is a flower of knowledge, and your heart is a flower of love, but, as soon as these flowers bloomed, you forgot the real thing, in its color and fragrance; the real thing is its root. Your entire focus is on your mind.

If you observe the latest generation, you will find that people of this generation stand on their heads, because today your mind has developed everything. These days, you give more importance to a man, whose mind is very-sharp or who is intelligent.

All the colleges and schools are to make your mind grow; and to train and educate it. You give an importance to a sharp-minded person. To sharpen your mind, a race has been started.

Earlier, the children would take admissions to schools, when they were ten-years-old, but, to train the minds quickly, the admissions started by the age of seven years gradually. Finally, an era has come, in which a child is admitted to a school when he is about five years old. Now, people admit their children to schools, by the age of two and half years; such institutes are called as nurseries. to update them, baby-sittings started; in them the admissions were made when the children were one and half year old.

To train the children quickly, and sharpen their minds all these methods of education have sprung. All the colleges, the institutes, and schools are busy in sharpening and training the children’s minds. You have totally depended on your mind. Due to it, you don’t value a person, whose mind is not sharp.

In the last-fifty years, the pressures on our minds have been higher than those in the previous three thousands years. If such current pressures persist for the next twenty years on your mind, you will turn mad. With so much pressure on your mind, how long will it tolerate them? If you tighten a sitar, it won’t play. If you will string it up beyond a limit, it will break upon contact. You have similarly tighten your mind’s nerves Your mind remains tight forever. But you don’t realize its tightness. you do everything by your mind, even if you love someone; you love him/her from yourmind not your heart. The reason behind it is that your enrgies don’t reach your heart. Still, you are away from your heart. This is why you love after thinking a lot. You get confused to love that should I love him/her or not? Whereas, you should love without thinking.

Love is not a matter of thinking. It comes from the the heart. To think is a duty of your brain.

But, love is also handed over to your brain by you, because you have become ignorant of your heart. There are seven-crore very-thin nerves in your brain, you should understand by this, how sensitive the nerves are! If you keep putting very-high burdens on them, then what will happen? These days, the people stand on their heads this is called “Sheesh Aasan.” A day will come when their blood will flow into their brains; finally, they will become mad. Similarly, you also stand on your head, because you have put everything on your head and brain.

When you become a devotee of a perfect mentor [Doing a ‘Bait’ on kaamil peer’s hand]. First, you will bend your head. It means that your head is for your mentor. In dealing with your mentor, you give the poisons and take the nector of life.[Aab-e-Hayat].


Tan wish ki bel re Guru amritki khan Sheesh diyo Guru mile to bhi sasta jaan


This is why a saint had said that if you want to get Allah, your head should be on your hands. It means you have to leave the stage of your mind.

A flower is important no doubt of course, your heart is a flower of love, but, it is not your reality.

Your real centre is your navel that is your root. When an embryo is in his mother’s womb, the first thing that grows is a navel. An embryo is connected to its mother from the navel. Not only an embryo gets connected to his mother from its navel, but also the mother’s root spreads in the embryo from the navel. An embryo can live in a womb more comfortably than in any other place, even if the embryo’s breath is taken by his mother. This mean, the embryo gets his first life, or energy from the navel.

Then a time comes after nine months, or eight months, when the embryo gets separated from his mother. This separation is necessary, because after eight month or nine months the child fully developed. After the delivery, the baby’s navel is cut; and his new life begins. The first day of his new life is called his birthday. After getting separated at the centre, the embryo gets connected to another centre, which is called his mother’s heart. The energies that the embryo was taking from his mother’s navel is now takes from his mother’s heart, because he gets connected to his mother’s heart and starts drinking his mother’s milk. The energy is known as wave of his life.

Now, something is noticed. The educated women are keeping their babies away from them. So from this, it happens that the babies who are away from their mothers, their heart-centre doesn’t grow quickly. As an embryo gets connected to his mother’s navel, due to this, he gets developed in nine months. Then, a day will come when he fully gets developed from inside to live in the outer world. Aftergetting connected till nine months the embryos’scenters get completed , and they get ready to live, their lives, but, if you take out an embryo after three months from his mother’s womb, then he will not ready from inside for the outer world.

You will see in America and other countries that, soon the mothers keep their children away, but, they should be keep their babies close to them, because if the babies’s centre of hearts are not completed the babies feel anxious from inside. It’s not a question of feeding the mother’s milk, because you can feed your child the milk of cows, goats or buffaloes. The important thing is the baby should be close to his mother’s heart, but, now the mothers keep the babies away before the right time comes.

When a mother separates her baby from herself, the baby gets hurt. It becomes anxious from inside. Its anxieties increase gradually. Finally, a time comes, when baby starts hating his parents. He wants to take a revenge of his anxieties from his parents. You should notice Tribal. They are always closer to their mothers. They drink their mother’s milk till three to four years. Due to this, they grow up differently. A man gets attracted by a woman’s heart, as his mother is the main reason behind it. A woman’s heart attracts a man strongly. On the contrary a man looks the woman’s breasts without understanding. The children who are forced to leave their mother’s milk before the right time comes; they don’t get enough milk, warmth, and heart-beat and because of this, they feel anxiety from inside.

The shortage of mother’s milk is a maincause of cigarettes, smoking, because there are some similarities in milk, and cigarettes. The smoke of cigarettes is as white as milk; the cigarettes are as warm as milk. You can feel same heat in cigarettes that you find in milk.

These days a dangerous poison is spreading in America. They are busy making artificial wombs, called test tube babies. If an embryo stays in an artificial womb, you can imagine how big the destruction will be, because the very life-centre will be destroyed from which a child is connected. Then, you can think how crazy it will be!

You have always seen only the flowers, but forgot their roots. Now, you have forgotten your heart and navel. Your navel is your x-centre, in other words its called the sex-centre as well. You have three centers in your body. First is your mind, second is your heart, and the third is your navel. If you think you live because of your heart, it is not a fact. If you see according to science, you will come to know that if a patient’s heart stops working for a minute, a doctor pumps his heart and shocks it, because the life is still there in his navel. Once, you lose life from your navel, you die.

Your navel is your root. If a flower breaks from a branch, then another flower can grow on it. If the leaves are shed, they will aslo come back on it, due to the root. If the root is alive, the broken branches will aslo grow out. But, if once, the roots get spoiled, the bloomed flowers will wither. Yet, no one brought your attention to your navel. In Sufism also no one reached you towards navel at the most they drew youowards your heart. You may not have heard about your navel deeply, and not paid attention to it. Your navel has a strong relation to your breath, because, earlier, you would breathe with your navel. Now, you breathe with your nose. Your nose has become a source of energy. This is why, at the time of teaching, sometime, I say, “Breath from your navel, because you have done this, earlier. It can be repeated.

I mean to say that these days you feel love from your minds not from your hearts. Even if you have sex using your minds. This is why, you think about sex. Sex is not a bad thing. It is a natural act that animals indulge also in it, but, they don’t think about it. Sex is not a bad thing, but, to keep thinking about sex for twenty-four hours is a bad thing, as God has bestowed this facility to us for procreation. You handed over the job of the other centers to your brain. It is similar to seeing with your ears and listening with your eyes. Whatever function God has assigned to a particular centre it must be allowed to do, without any hindrances. Your mind is made to think and understand . your heart is for love, this is why, it is a centre of love, but, you have started loving after thinking, and understanding, because of that your love got spoiled, you don’t love from your heart, you love from your brain. your love is in a calculative mode, this is why it has no strong feelings, and attractions. You want that your love should have strong feelings, and emotions, but it doesn’t have the required intensity because it is from a mind not a heart! Now you think how much load is there on your mind, surely, it will go mad! Check out the last thirty yearsrecord. The biggest scientists have gone mad.

There are three stages that are the secrets to reach your spirituality. If you want to reach God, you will have to descend from the top. You will have to come towards your navel. You have to reinstall it as your main centre, because your navel is the centre of your life. Life and Death are hidden in it. As a death of a tree is in its roots. Similarly, our root is our navel. You breathe with your nose, when you sleep you start breathing from your navel.

You can observe by looking at small children, Their abdomens keep jumping, because they have just come from the navel and breathing from it. When you sleep, a stage comes in your sleep. When you start breathing from your navel, your abdomen jumps up and down. As soon as your stomach starts jumping up and down, energies start getting filled in it.

All day you breathe from your chest. To breathe from the chest is considered to be an animal’s actions. If you breathe from your chest, you cannot reach your real destination, where in is your real being; it is your life-centre!


Questions:- How will you grow your life-centre? Answer: First, you will have to understand the stresses          of    your     brain-centre.   If         you      want    to understand it, then you should put pressures on it, artificially, and then release. For instance, take a tabla and if you loosen or tighten it at will. It will not play.

The strings of your heart are fully loose, whereas strings [nerves] of brain are fully tight. This is why your inner music does not play! Now, you put thepressures on your mind. For instance, you close your fist very-tightly for half-a-minute. After releasing it, you will know, what is a sense of relief. Similarly, you stretch your nerves as far as possible. This means, you think as much as you can for a minute, and put stresses on your brain artificially. Now release it fully like your fist. you will understand relief. When you put pressures on your mind for a minute, you can understand the pressures; when you release them you know the feeling being relieved.

Remember, ninety percent of your diseases are because of your brain. People are already mad. If you want to experience this, you nudge someone with your elbow, his madness will be on display, because all his pressures are on his brain. If you want to release your stresses, then first, you should put the pressures on your brain for a minute as I said. After the exercise, you will know about the stresses. After doing the above exercise, you will reach your second centre that is called the heart- centre. This means, you will reach your heart.

When you come down from first centre [your brain], you will reach your second centre [your heart]. After your second centre, you should come further down towards your third centre [your navel] that is your life centre. Your navel centre has become fully loose, because of your fear. Your main centre [Navel centre] cannot be strong, unless you become fearless from inside. Your breath can make your centre of navel, strong. When you breathe continuously, your navel centre will come alive and get activated.

These three centers are called humancenters now, I shall explain to you the same thing in another way. What is the aggregate of’ Kalma’ in ‘Kalmaa-e-tayyeba’? ‘Haa’, ‘Hoo’, and ‘Hey’ are the

aggregate of ‘Kalma-e-tayyeba. When you say ‘Haa’, your mouth opens. The ‘Haa’ indicates your head; the ‘Hoo’ indicates your heart; this is why, when you say ‘Allah Hoo’, you indicate your heart. The ‘Hey’ indicates your navel.

Today, scientists have made a formula of water. People are busy in reading the words of the formula, but they are not able to comprehend, its identity. Similarly, only reciting “Haa,” ‘Hoo’, and ‘Hay’ are meaningless, it will not work. You will have to reach your life-center. You will have to make it come alive.

If you want to get connected to your spirituality, you will have to rekindle your navel- centre. You cannot be connected to Allah by your mind, because your mind is unfamiliar with Allah the very beginning. your mind can never know Allah because your brain witnesses everything in pieces. This is why scientists keep breaking everything, and look for answers in it. If they see an atom, they start thinking, what is an atom? And what is in an atom?

Your mind breaks everything, whereas, your spirituality joins everything. God is not broken. When you get connected to your navel, you are connected to your spirit and your spirituality; but, when you get connected other’s navel, you will be connected to God. This is why the saints say, “If you want to be connected to Allah, you will have to activate your navel-centre.”

There are three types of devotees [Murid] that are connected to their mentors [peers]. The first type is one who is connected to his mentor’s mind. He likes his mentor’s thoughts, the explanations and his words. The second type is one who is connected to his mentor’s heart. The third type is one who is connected to his mentor’s spirit. Similarly, you have relations. The relation that is connected to your mind is not strong, because sometimes, your thoughts are different from others. When your thoughts and others thoughts clash, the relation that is connected to your mind breaks. You will notice that even your own thoughts do not match your father’s thoughts.

The relations that are connected to your heart depends on love. They can be separated, due to hatred, but, the relations that are connected to the navel can never be separated.

If you are connected to someone’s heart it is called love. This means that you are a lover and the and the person is your beloved. Love is blind, in which no need to think, or to understand, because thinking and understanding are your mind’s duty. If you think before love, it means your love is from your mind not from the heart. If a person is connected to someone’s navel it is a matter of friendship. The friendship is very strong.

You can make friends with your mind. If someone likes your thoughts, he can make friendship is connected to your mind, this is why it is not strong. If a person is attached to your spirit, that friendship is for ever. If you have a beloved, you will never tolerate that another person should love him/her. You insistyour lover or your beloved to love you and only you!

In the case of friendship the matter is different. A person can have a thousand friends, this is why there is a relation of friendship between Allah and us, because it’s a close relationship.

You are connected to the sex-energy which is called life-energy also. Sometimes, when you sit, a message comes from inside you! You should ponder about where does the message come from? You should see, and read it, because it’s invisible. The energies come towards you, you should understand them. If you are attracted by a woman, then you should understand the energies are coming from your heart at that time. This means the energies are reaching your heart. I her beauty attracts you, this means, the energies are coming from your mind. If your attraction turns into love, this means, the energies have come from your heart.

The moon is about three and half lakhs kilometers away from our Earth, but it reflects in the water. It shows that there is an attachment between them. The sun is fifteen crore kilometers away from our Earth, but if, its rays do not reach our earth, flowers will not bloom. As soon as the sun rises, all the people awaken. It shows that the sun is sending something, its energies are coming here, and someone is taking them. For instance, a sunflower, turns where the rays of the sun land. It shows that there is an attachment between them. If you see a lotus, it will open when the rays of the sun come to it, and it closes when clouds come over it. This means that they take some energies from the sun; that are connected to it,that we cannot see. The energies that are flowing from your life-centre is the same that you would take from your mother, in the womb. If you get connected to other’s navel, you will get the same energies.

If your centre points are strong to accept everything, they will grow very-quickly. If you have planted a flower in your house, and you want the rays of the sun for it, you will have to open the doors, and windows of your house, because the rays of the sun will not come inside forcefully. The sun is already present there, but you need to open the doors and windows of your house. You will have to become a taker of the rays of the sun, then, your flower will grow quickly. Similarly, If your trio centers are ready to accept everything, they will grow quickly.

First you will have to come down to your centre. The energies come from your navel-centre, the nectar of life [Aab-e-Hayat] is hidden in it. By the energies, if you can bear a newborn, you can also be born by them. Your lower-centre has the potential of a super power that is hidden in you. When you drive a car and suddenly put a brake on it, you feel a jerk in your navel. Your life is hidden in your navel, this is why you feel a jerk in it. If there are more changes in you, your navel leaves its place. Due to this, you start vomiting, or you suffer from loose-motions. People will tell you, navel is not in its place. This means your centre is not there where it should be. A person who cares this disease will measure from your navel by a thread to see that it is in its place, or not.

There was a man Leonardo da vinci, he had shown by his body that your navel is everything inhis pose. As a world has a centre point, in the same way your navel is your centre point.

When you die the first thing that decomposes in your body, is your navel. After decomposes it, every part of your body gets spoiled. Why does your navel decomposes first? Its because it was developed first in your body. Your mind and heart get developed after your navel. If you see a photo of an embryo, you will find, it bends toward it’s navel. After this, all the changes occur in it. Your growth is in your navel. your breath can grow your navel-centre. As you breathe continuously, and rhythmically you will feel a jerk in your navel.

There was a psychologists, his name was Sigmund Freud. He stated, “when you sleep, a motion is there in your sex-organ, eighteen to twenty times.” He said that whatever you compress in a day, it displays in your dreams, but, ‘Tasawwuf’ [Sufism] denies it. Where as, Sigmund Freud is considered as the father of psychology. The Sufis state, “your sex- organ is beside your life-centre [navel-centre]. Their veins are very-close to each other, this is why the movements occur in it. When your life-centre vibrates, your sex-organ comes in motion.” Why is there a jerk in your life-centre? This is because, when you reach in deep sleep, you start breathing from your navel.

When you breath with your navel you fall in the same stage, as it was in your mother’s womb. you reach in the same condition when you had been connected to God.

He who spends his life (doing action)through the navel becomes something different. A person who lives through his heart, has also reached some higher-spiritual-points, but he who spends his life in the brain can become a genius but not a Sufi, or a saint. Yet, you have known the three centers, “Haa”, ‘’Hoo’, and ‘hay’ these are the aggregate of ‘kalma-e- tayyeba.’; They are the key of ‘Kalma-e-tayyeba’. They are the ‘Zabar’, “Zer’, and ‘Pesh.’ The ‘Zabr’ means top and ‘Zer’ means down and ‘Pesh’ means in the middle. All these are a methhod, or a formula.

Only reciting the formula is useless. For instance, there is a formula of water (H2O), if you keep reciting it, your thirst will not be quenched. This formula is only for your help, and makes a thing easier to understand. The saints have not given you the formulas to recite them. you will have to succeed in them.

These three secrets are connected to the three centers. you should understand that you are connected to God by which centre. Our scholars of Islam are connected to God with their minds; very few of them, who realize internally are connected to God with their hearts. you will have to grow your trio centers.

I have shown you the three secrets for your body in my previous topic. There are also three secrets in it, that will connect to you your spirituality and Allah. You will not succeed. Until you are connected to your spirituality and Allah. Now, you should come to your roots, because you are attracted by the flowers, when you go to a garden. your entire focus is on a flower, because it impresses your mind.You have come down a bit from your brain-centre. If you want to understand a calmness, you play music at stereophonic sound at your home for twenty minutes, then stop it; you will be able to know the calmness. The calmness was already present at your home, but you were not aware of it. When you start playing music with high-sound, you will feel turmoil inside, but when you stop it you really understand the calmness. you cannot experience the calmness until you experience turmoil. As soon as you know turmoil, you will set out to seek the calmness. Either you live in more stresses, or less stress. Your base of life is piece, yet, you are familiar with it.

Earlier, I had talked about the meditators who sometimes feel suffocation while meditating. In fact, the anxiety is already present in you, but you were unable to feel it , because you were living unconsciously. As soon as you light a candle of consciousness in yourself by meditating, you are able to see the anxieties, the eagerness, and the intoxication in yourself. Owing to these, you feel suffocating, but these are the good signs. For example, if there is rubbish, or garbage in your house, but there is no light in it, you open the door of your house; you will not feel anything, because of the darkness, but when you switch on a light. You will scream, “Where has this rubbish and garbage come from?” Although, the rubbish and garbage didn’t come from anywhere. They are already present there, but, because of darkness you were unable to see them. As a candle gets lit, they becomes apparent before you.

If you feel suffocation while meditating,it is a good sign for you, because now you are able to understand turmoil. Now, you should step ahead in your meditation, after this anxious stage, because it’s not your destination. After coming ahead, a stage will come there, you will experience peace, but it’s also not your destination. These are the stations on your road. You must cross the stage of peace, otherwise, you will always be in a placid state.

If a piece of glass pierces your foot, and you take it out with a needle, and relaxed and you are not ready to give up that piece; you start thinking, it has released your pain. You make a mistake, this means that you stopped their, clutching the needle. Similarly, earlier, you were fixed in turmoil. Now, you are stuck in the calmness and think it is a good point to be.

There is a story that once, a mentor and his devotee were going somewhere. After sometime they reached a place. The devotee asked about the place and its name. Someone answered to him that this place is called “Andhernagri.” And you can buy everything here at very-cheap rates. The devotee became happy by hearing this. Then, the mentor asked, “who is the king here?” The person replied, “The name of the king of this place is Chopat Raja.” The mentor made his devotee understand that it was not the right place to stay. His devotee replied, “ It is the best place for me, I will not leave it.” The devotee started living there. he would eat many delicious dishes and tasty sweets there and he became very- healthy. Once the king dreamt that his kingdom was in big trouble. Someone said to the king, “If you hang thehealthiest person of the kingdom till death, you will be safe from calamities.” After this statement there was a search for the healthiest person of the kingdom. Unfortunately, the devotee was caught and put into prison. The devotee asked, “What is my crime?” The soldiers replied, “you are the healthiest person in the kingdom.” The devotee said, “To become healthy is not a crime, is it?” The soldier told him. “These rules are followed here.”

The devotee realized that his mentor was right. he should not have stayed there. Then, he sent for his mentor, who came. The mentor whispered some words to the devotee. The next day, the mentor started insisting that he wanted to be hung till death. his devotee pleaded that he wanted the capital punishment. They both started fighting to be hung. The king asked, “why you both are eager to be hung?” They replied, “It is a secret, we cannot show you.” The king ordered his soldiers to keep swords on their necks to know the secrets. Finally, the devotee opened his mouth and said, “please don’t kill my mentor, the secret is that whoever will die at this moment will go to heaven, and will become a king of heaven, directly. Then, the king said eagerly, “I want to go to heaven, hang me there.” When the king said this, they both rushed from there.

This is why I make it clear that peace is not the real destination, it is a temporary place; it is also a kind of trap. your destination is ahead. When you will reach your real destination the reality will be on display before you. To reach the destination, you will have to reactivate your trio centers, because yourtrio-centers are spoiled. You think your brain-centre is perfect, but it’s not a reality. Your brain-centre has become the worst. you just need to grow your trio centers, after this you will feel the different energies, and great spirituality in yourself.

God is present since the beginning, but He can be seen only by meditation. You should always remember that mediation is not a name of thinking. This is why, you should not meditate by your mind, because people do it by their minds. To become thoughtless in a meditation is a real meditation. This is why I state, your sufficient sleep is an unconscious- meditation. Your mind is a big obstacle in your meditation that don’t let you go down to your heart- centre. This is why I say, “you should not think anything while meditating, even if don’t think that what you should not think. You have think in your meditation, it means your meditation is from your mind, yet you didn’t reach your heart. If there is a love in your meditation, this means it is being done by your heart.

In your meditation, if you are connected to your navel, you can be connected to God. Then, a stage comes, wherein, the “TarkeWajud” [Enlightenment] occurs. I have shown you the “Tarkewajud” in a video. A silver chord is connected to your navel. It’s luminous existence that roams in the whole universe. That silver chord will be cut at the time of death. This is why, you must grow your trio-centers. If, there are changes in yourself, you will know them by your breath. For instance, when you get angry your breath becomes faster. Even if you look at a womanthe speed of your breath changes. Your breath will inform you about the changes that happen in yourself.

Your breath relates to your navel firmly, this why, you should become fearless. you should become brave, because when you become brave, courage and fearlessness are you. You always live in a security; security is a type of fear. If you live in more security, your navel becomes more weak. Once, a king had built a castle, another king came to see it. The king built the castle very-securely. he made only one door in it. he planted numerous soldiers along every step of the castle to cover every area. The king who had come to see the castle got very-impressed and thought, that he will aslo build the same castle, because the king who had built the castle could not be attacked by other kings. At the time of leaving the castle, the visiting king declared, “I will aslo build a castle like it.”

There was a Sufi who was listening to that matter, he said, “The king made a big mistake by building this castle, you should not repeat it.” The king asked the sufi, “why is it so?” The sufi replied, “you build a castle, but don’t build even a single door in it.” The king replied, “It will be like a grave.” The sufi replied that the king’s castle is also equal to a grave, because it is full of security.

If you live without security, this means you live your life in cheerfulness. When you live your life with the joy, many new challenges will fall on your way. To face those challenges, the enrgies will form in yourself. More security will weaken you. If your children climb higher, let them climb, once, they fall down; they will understand automatically. Let themface the challenges that come in front of them, otherwise they will keep escaping from them. You will become fearless, if you start living without security, and your navel-centre will aslo grow, because of it.

The second thing, you should not run in the race of achieving more. After winning a city, Alexander the great king reached there. He heard that there is a sufi in the city. He sent for the sufi and sent a message with his minister to him that Alexander the great has summoned him to his court. The minister reached the sufi and told him, “Alexander the great king is calling you to his court.” The sufi replied, “ I am the king, if he needs me, tell him to come to me.” When the minister explained to Alexander everything, he came to the Sufi. After coming to the sufi Alexander asked, “I have come here to know, what is it that you have that makes you call yourself an emperor and don’t I have same thing?” The saint said, you have lots of things, but you have the hunger for the rat-race. I don’t have anything; but, I have no desire to enter the rat-race. This is why, you are a beggar, in spite of achieving many things. I am the emperor, even if I don’t have anything.

Alexander the Great king humbly requested God, “If you will give me a chance to be re- born, don’t make me the king. I would like to become a saint. Then, the saint burst out with laughter and said, “you are still showing your foolishness. If you can become a saint in this life, why are you asking for another life?” If you want to be like me, you don’t need rebirth. You just leave the rat-race, you will become a saint instantly.” Alexander the great replied,“after conquering the next land, surely, I will come to you and become your devotee.” The saint said with laughing eyes, “Still you are mad, he who goes after, achieving more will never come back.”

Indeed, it happened to Alexander, after victory, when he was coming back. He died on the way. Your race to get more has made you mad. You should your centre points and come to your heart. I don’t mean to say that you should not use your mind, the pressures you have put on your brain, you will have to release them. Once, your pressures will be released, your other centers will start working. Your life centre requires the lots of energies for it, so that it could grow. The moment the enrgies filter in, there will be instant growth. Your two spiritual glands will start working. You see those things that are invisible now; Whatever is not happening to you, it will start happening.