Golden Words -Maroof Peer
Bismillah Hir Rehmannir Rahim

ala inna auliya allahe la khawfoon aleiheem wala hoom ya zanoon." al hamdu lilahi rabbil aalimin assalaatu wassalaamu alaika ya rasooluhu nabi-ul-karim wa aala aalihi wa ashaabehi wa baarik wassalim.

  1. Every word comes from Dual.
  2. Changing is called time, Speed of changing is a Speed of time.
  3. Truth is only one, but people know him by different ways.
  4. The Blinking is only difference between sleeping and awaking.
  5. Luxurious heart cannot get the secret of God. It runs outside only.
  6. Heart full of luxury is never there, where it should be and where it is not there. It keeps revolving.
  7. Soul always wants changes.
  8. A big desire is there, no desire should be there.
  9. Humans replace their small desire with the bigger one. That means small desire is always replaced when there is a big desire.
  10. The person who does not know ugliness. How can he know about beauty?
  11. We force only on that thing where competitor is already available.
  12. Continuation is called life where work is always in process like getting angry, loving, breathing, awaking and sleeping so on.
  13. Every discovery is a rediscovery and there is no any discovery which was not known. But who so ever had known they were at that level that, discovery was not understood by the people and it was lost somewhere because of which it had to be rediscovered.
  14. Reason of every problem is proprietorship.
  15. A man shows off things, which he is never been able to have enjoyed.
  16. Every one fights for their own protection, but winner is always the one who is best among all.
  17. Knowledge prevents to get knowledge because every knowledge is incomplete and is of others.
  18. We know about almighty (Allah) but don't know who is almighty (Allah) .
  19. One never reaches to his /her destination, who believes in rumors.
  20. The person who does not know ugliness. How can he know about beauty?
  1. A time being madness comes from anger.
  2. We live and die on every breath.
  3. No one is less intelligent than a human being, in this world in a sense.
  4. Every desire bothers a human from outside, but hope bothers human from inside.
  5. Body is a door of all desires.
  6. A man can love that thing only, which can be hated.
  7. Unwontedly wasting, the energy of sensible organs is useless.
  8. Light has given birth to dark, unless there was a light, dark had no existence
  9. Politics is not bad in fact it was in hands of bad people, who misused it for their own sake and because of this it got defamed
  10. Allah is so immense that one can not define HIM in words.
  11. Mistake is like a pendulum of watch, if it gets away from one side, it will happen on other side.
  12. Human wants to live and die as well
  13. Desire of death is also hidden in the human.
  14. Beauty is a mysterious treasure.
  15. Mohammed is the beauty of Allah, and Mohammad is immortal, immortality of Mohammed is beautiful.
  16. A son is born by father, but father can't give birth to son.
  17. Being of Adam already existed before Adam being on earth.
  18. Unsuccessful dies empty, though successful dies emptier.
  19. Something is there in human, which is never filled/fulfilled.
  20. Every wish is lent that is why man is worried even when wish is fulfilled.
  1. Hell is a place where all wishes and desires are fulfilled.
  2. Innocence keeps on decreasing as and when the person starts becoming cunning.
  3. Illness comes from outside and wellness comes from inside.
  4. There is a depression between happiness and sadness.
  5. Every one seems to look like the way we think
  6. Fool seeks questions, wise seeks questioners.
  7. Knowledge of books without testing is just garbage.
  8. Death is not an end, but is main center of complete life.
  9. Death is an important state of life.
  10. We see death when we lose someone close to us.
  11. Wise man learns from others mistakes and fool doesn't learn anything by his mistake too.
  12. Death is that height from where life can be seen in a better way
  13. The wall of china is smaller than wall of education.
  14. To become something else makes man crazy.
  15. Paradisal, who dwell paradise in them not those who admire paradise.
  16. Human wants everything, but does not want to lose anything.
  17. There is no better way to learn by being a teacher.
  18. Stomach is door of lust.
  19. Every new born child comes with a question
  20. One Can Die In Peace, Whose All Desires Have Shed Like a leaf.
  1. The Things Don't Look Like The Way They Are, Actually They Look The Way We Want To See Them.
  2. The Secret Is Not In Action. It Is In Being.
  3. The Person Who Knows Everything Can Only Claim Of Not Knowing It.
  4. The Person, Who Does Not Know Anything, Claims He Knows Everything.
  5. Ignorance of self Is God's Ignorance.
  6. Not Knowing Yourself On The Way Of Tassawwuf Is One Of The Biggest Kufr.
  7. Improvement Is Hidden In Criticism.
  8. Don't Appreciate the Person in His Presence, Don't Back Bite In His Absence.
  9. Appreciation And Criticism Both Are Betrayal To Soul. Hence Both Should Be Discarded.
  10. We are the sole person of our sorrows
  11. Some Faces become more beautiful at the time of crying.
  12. Every One Is Proud Of Their Belief, But There Are Few, Belief Is Proud Of Them.
  13. A Real King of Time Is the One, Who Is Above The happiness and sorrows.
  14. Holy Saints Always Wanted You to Be Happy, but For Your Prayer to Be Fulfilled, You Will Have To Create the Atmosphere
  15. The one who has gone beyond Happiness, No Body Can Make Him Sad.
  16. The heart is dissatisfied or in other words dissatisfaction is the name of heart.
  17. Man Gets Tired Of Working, Gets Fresh By Playing.
  18. The One for whom we Are searching Is Actually We Are.
  19. Our centre of interest is always there where we are.
  20. Knowing the One Who Knows Is the Real Knower, That Who Is the Knower within Us
  1. The Distance between You and the God Is the Same as Between You and Yourself
  2. One Has Not Seen His Soul, Unless Seen himself
  3. The Intelligent Are the Ones Who Find Happiness in Forgiving Others, and the Illiterates Are the Ones Who Find Happiness in Blaming Others
  4. The One Who Is Upset With His Present Only He Seeks His Future
  5. Ego Is Cancer Of Soul.
  6. the one who keeps Ego is like dead body.
  7. Heart is door of all desires.
  8. Body Is A Factory Of Desires.
  9. Everything revolves around its centre, centre makes everything visible around.
  10. God Is There In Our Self like A Seed
  11. We Can Know Only What We Have Become
  12. In All the Eras, the Learned Priests Have Harmed the Religion More Than Illiterates
  13. The Lie becomes most dangerous when it is presented as a Truth.
  14. Stricter The Regulation More Will Be The Cheaters.
  15. Shariyat Deals with Making, And Tassawwuf Deals with Being
  16. A Man Can Become Old, But His Desires Never.
  17. Nature Does Not Care Your Mortality And Immortality.
  18. The Words Are Meaning Less, Pronouncing Water Does Not Quench Your Thirst.
  19. Enlightener Are Those Who See Joys And Sorrows Altogether.
  20. You will become like the one with whom you have enmity.
  21. The miser man is not rich even with treasure.
  22. If we deeply study woman, find her as Mother. If we deeply study man, find him as a Son.
  23. One who is delivered by sex will die.
  24. Every Seed Is Born With The Capability Of Being Tree.