Bismillah Hir Rehmannir Rahim

What is Tasawwuf ?

It is difficult to understand and describe Tasawwuf in words. According to Hazrat Khwaja Bandanawaz Gesudaraz (R.A.) We say just sugar-sugar but our words cannot explain the taste of sugar. If somebody has not seen colours and he asks you to tell about colours then how will you describe him? The best way to describ show colour to him.

After having a look he will understand which colour looks how?

Words cannot make us to feel fragrance of Mehndi and cannot make us listen Raag Bhairvi. When the feeling of five senses cannot be described then how the feelings of heart and soul will be described?
Man can read thousand books on Tasawwuf and can recite Tasawwuf-Tasawwuf but cannot understand it.

Hazrat khwaja garib nawaz farmate hain:

Tasawwuf is not name but ritual. It has totality. It is path to reach God through spiritual knowledge (Irfan) of every creature.

Tasawwuf is a condition of being in present. Curiosity is the key of it. Interest makes it long lasting (Baqa) and love makes it prime activities of reaching towards God. Its goal is finishing oneself in God and being long lasting is its result.

The sayings of sufi can help us to understand Tasawwuf in certain limit but their sayings related to admire and description of Tasawwuf are few only. In other words we can say that Tasawwuf is a process of creating right character, cleaning inner of oneself, meeting with nature of oneself, meeting with most right character of God, being stable on the path of God, completing all duties, making heart a special place for love of God, avoiding oneself from non-benefit works, being strict with rules and regulations related to shariyat.

Sayings Of Sufi

Hazrat sayyedul-Tahereen Imam Mohammed Baqar Razi allahu tala anhu says:
Tasawwuf is another name of good character. If a person has a better character than you then he is better than you in Tasawwuf.

Hazrat Maroof karkhi Razi allahu tala anhu says:
Tasawwuf is name of knowing reality of everything and being sad from everything which you have.

Hazrat Sayyedul-Taifa Junaid Baghdadi Razi allahu tala anhu says:
Tasawwuf means leaving one's desires (Nafs) with God and let him do whatever he wants to do with it.

Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Gaus-e-Aazam Razi allahu tala anhu says:
Being true with God and showing good character to his followers is called Tasawwuf.

Hazrat Abul Hasan Noori Razi allahu tala anhu says:
Tasawwuf is not the name of knowledge and qualities but it is a collection of good character.

Hazrat Khwaja Bahauddin Nakshbandi Bukhari Razi allahu tala anhu says:
Tasawwuf can make small matters very detailed one and theoretical can make practical.

Hazrat Mujaddid-e-alfe saani Razi allahu tala anhu says:
Tasawwuf is following shariyat with bottom of heart.

Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi says:
Tasawwuf is finishing oneself in God.

Hazrat Sayyed Iftekhar Ali Watan Saheb Qibla R.A. says:
Tasawwuf is heart of Shariyat.

The people who speak against shariyat and present examples against Tasawwuf are non-believer (Mulhid) of God. Tasawwuf can be observed by followers. In observation, follower feels that he is in dream and he is in reality both together. We cannot understand whether he is sleeping or awake. Sleeping person can assume that he is awake and best example is dream where it is not a day and not a night. When a follower falls in such condition then whatever he sees is called Tasawwuf.