Do You Know ?
By whom Allah was called Allah first?
Allah saw His glimpse in the Mohammed's lightning-mirror and said Himself Allah.God is referred as "I".Self can also be described as existance and I.
What is our existance's 'Meraaj' (Height)?
To achieve the reality of our existence is called the existance's 'meraaj' (height).
What is the name of the highest point in 'Wilayat'?
'Wilayat' consists of several levels such as 'Akhyaar', 'Najeeb', and 'Nukba'. But, the 'Qutub' is considered at the highest level among them. Among Qutubs the one who is the most auspicious is called "Sultanul Auliya or Ghaus".
How many types of voices are there in this world and what are their types?
There are only two types of voices in the world. Out of which one mortal and the other is immortal. All the other voices are integrated in these two.
What is the main objective of 'Tasawwuf'?
The main objective of 'Tasawwuf' is to eradicate egoism and duality. And, achieving oneness and reality.
Who are the Satan's (Iblees) parents?
His parents were Khilbees and Nilbees.
Why Satan (Iblees) was called satan?
Satan (Iblees) disobeyed Allah and envied hazrat Aadam A.S. Due to this he couldn't get Allah's bounty and mercy.Therefore, he was called Satan.
Point: One who gives up all hopes from Allah becomes Satan (Iblees).
Why 'Jin' was called 'jin'?
They were the supervisors and protectors of the heaven, this is why they were called 'Jin'.
What are the different names of Iblees given at seven levels of skies?
Iblees is called 'Aabid', 'Zaahid' Aarif, Wali, Mutaqqi, Azazil and Iblees on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh respectively.
How many years did Iblees remain the leader?
His leadership continued for 80,000 years.
How many years did Iblees remain treasurer of heaven?
He held that post for 40 thousand years.
Who was Iblees's wife?
There are two narrations about his wife one says that his wife is Tartaba. Another one shows Rasoola.